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Not Eating

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I can't seem to get Boo to eat on her own. She will eat a little if I hand feed her, or sit there with her while she eats, but she doesn't eat at all during the day it seems. We've had her 4 days and she's only poo'd twice. She also threw up a hairball this morning. Does she just not like the food? She doesn't act hungry at all, and the food is available 24/7.

I was really sick by the time I got home today,I just collapsed onto the bed, so Mike got me some asprin and water, and took everyone else out of the house so I could nap. I go looking for boo to curl up with me, and guess what! no boo... Not under the bed, not in the litterbox, not hiding in the bathroom. I figured she got out of the bedroom, but I was too weak to walk anymore. I go curl up in bed, flip over the blankets to cover me, and there's Boo! She was under the covers ON the bed. I was so happy! This is the first time she's come out from under the bed while I'm gone, and she didn't dart back under when I came in the room! And she spent all last night curled up with Mike! I can't wait until she's fully integrated, so I can try to sleep around 3 cats, instead of 2 or 1!
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Is Boo drinking at all? And didn't I read that she was just spayed? This is a whole lot of excitement for the little one.

You have to make sure she doesn't become dehydrated. This can happen fast and really become serious in a short period of time. Especially if she was spayed and her body is trying to recover. Have you tried wet food, instead of dried?

Remember the cat has gone through a lot of change in the last while and may be trying to find her comfort zone. But do watch that she doesn't get dehydrated. To see if she is, you can pinch the back of her neck and see if the skin bounces back, if it does she has enough water in her system. Also the colour of her gums also indicates the health.

I'm no expert....Call the vet and see what they recommend.
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