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We have kittens!!

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Fell asleep to Camaro sleeping on me last night and woke up a few times to check on her and nothing so I decided it most likely won't be and fell asleep for good around 4am. Well 6:30 this am woke to the sound of kittens. So far she has had 2 and I think she is done. Her belly is soft but have her in our bedroom with the door closed just incase. Kitten 1 is black with white feet and white belly and Kitten 2 is black and white like mom but instead of white as primary base coat it is black with white areas. I'll take pictures in a little bit. Both have long tails. I would have thought more but that is fine. We are keeping 1 of them and have to decided out of the 5 families that wanted one who will get it. (thinking my soon to be husbands friend from work who is early 40s married but no kids just 2 other cats that are spoiled rotten and 1 is 13years old and they don't think he will be here much longer). Well I'll post pictures and weights a little bit later..

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YAY congrats on the new kitts!
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Got a few pictures while mom was eating she wouldn't leave them alone and as soon as I walked in she talked to me and went running out. (guess she does like me)

Both of them

Baby 1

Baby 2
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Yay!!! They are adorable.
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hiya awww there so cute i love them well done to mammycat
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Very cute ! Congratz!
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Oh how sweet, Congratulations
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Lovely babies congratulations !
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thats great mum had a safe delivery and 2 healthy kittens. they are beautiful.
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What adorable little babies.
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Just got their weights.

#1 almost all black 120 grams
#2 black/white 140 grams

Is that good for less then 12 hours old? Mom is just loving them everytime I am near you can hear her purring so loud.
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Day 2
Black kit 130 grams

white/black kit 150 grams

both together

The black one is a screemer big time you just touch him/her and thats all you hear unless you cuddle then it is quiet. Black/white one is quiet and just nuzzles up to your hand. From looking at their bottoms I would say both are boys but I have a feeling I'll just wait and see in a few weeks for sure.
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They are both really cute - but I like the one with the white stripe up his/her face - reminds me of a dutch belted rabbit with the blaze
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They are sooo cute!!
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Just posting todays weights. Will take pictures tomorrow since I am babysitting a 1 year old and don't want her to get in the way.

#1 black kit 130 grams
#2 black/white 150 grams

They are doing just about 10 grams a day so I guess that is a good sign. The black/white one is already friendly if I pet him he rolls onto his back and streches so I can get his belly then he grabs my finger with front paws.
Black one is loud and doesn't like to be touched. But I am giving them the same time so one isn't as timid as the other. Mom is doing great and when I walk in the room she leaves to eat and if she sees me leave the room then she runs back to her babies.
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Awww Gorgeous babies!

Thats so cute that she's doing tag team with you! She obviously knows you'll look after her babies while she goes and has a rest
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Day 4 still no pictures but have weights
#1 black kit is up to 160 grams that is up 20 grams from yesterday is that normal?
#2 black/white kit is at 200 grams so he is up 40 grams I post wrong weights I swear with all going on I just can' t think. yesterday was #1 140 #2 160

Looking at them the black/white guy is getting huge I swear he is doubled over night. Will really take pictures today.
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Ok I have pictures..

from 2 days ago I just thought it was cute how Camaro was cuddlin with her baby

lil monkeys today

#1 black very loud today

#2 black/white (don't mind the mess in the background men can't every make him pick up after himself)
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very cute. and I feel your pain, my husband leaves his stuff in a pile. I told him that even though I stay at home, I'm not a personal assistant, and I refuse to pick his things up off of the floor when he is perfectly capable of walking 2 feet to put them in the laundry. lol
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Awww, they are very cute!!
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