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keeping kittens

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We have 6 kittens from 2 queens (3 from each) who will be ready to leave in a couple of weeks. The thought of them going is hurting me lots. We've decided we want to keep one of them, but is it fair to only keep one from one queen and not one from the other? Would the mum know? All 6 kittens go to either mum for milk and snuggles, and both mums will lick and care for any kitten.

I really want to keep them all but its not practical.
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Well it would be nice to know what others think even if no-one knows for sure whether one cat would be jealous if we kept kittens from the other one?
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i really dont think it will effect the queens one way or another if you keep one kitten from one litter or the other. Cats dont have the " you love ME more do ya? " mentality,lol.

so keep whoever you want, they will be a lucky kitty!!!!
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Your cats won't be jealous from having just one kitten kept back. Doubly so since they're "sharing" the kittens now.

Also when the kitten grows a bit older still there's no guarantee he'll get on with either of them. In nature the mothers don't stick around with their kittens once the kittens are old enough to take care of themselves.

However kittens should stay with their siblings and mum until they're around 12 weeks. They're often given away at 8 weeks but that's too young. They need the extra socialisation.
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You should keep everyone together for a few more weeks - ideal time to let them go is 10-12 weeks. During that time they learn important social and mental skills to be happy/healthy, well-adjusted cats when grown.

Anyway as long as the moms and kitten you keep are all neutered/spayed, very soon, you should be fine.

While its possible that one might be jealous of the other, it probably will not happen.
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