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Hello everyone I was browsing around and found this site.
And I have a question.

My cat Princess is about a year old and just had a litter of 5 kittens, 2 died shortly after birth though they wouldnt eat/ she wouldnt let them eat.. Come to find out the last baby she had I didnt know was in there because it was born more than 24 hours after the rest of them. neadless to say that baby is the healthiest in the bunch.

Now to my question she had them on June 1st and she is nursing all 3 babies wonderfully now. But I am worried that she is still so skinny. I thought that by now she would have gained a little weight, she eats fine just still skin and bones.
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As long as she's eating, drinking and going potty normally all should be well. It's quite common for cats to lose a bit of weight immediately after delivery. I would suggest you put her on kitten food as soon as possible if she isn't already and also perhaps supplement mom cat's meals with a multivit/mineral supplement.
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