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Originally Posted by ckblv View Post
And don't forget, we are all old. And close minded.

Neet, I don't think you are old, I bet you are a young whipper snapper.
Well, I am old enough to chew cornbread without choking.
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I'm sorry we cant see eye-to-eye on this. I didnt mean to hijack the thread. But of course I will get defensive when somebody comments on my situation in a negative way, wouldnt you? I came here to only show you that "hey, nothing bad happened to me, not all adults are big bad perverts, there ARE some exceptions, and the same rules do not need to be applied to everyone", but unfortunatley some of you cant see past your old ways. Which makes sense, we are all of different ages here.

But I am upset with all the negative feedback. You say as though your not commenting directly about me even though you are, and then you say its all my fault and im immature...sorry if I sound immature when I get defensive, its not intended. I wish more of you would of said "Best of luck!" instead of "wait until your older, you will laugh at your mistake" without even thinking for a moment that maybe this could work out.

I wish all of you knew me better, youd see how different I am from most people my age, and most adults also. I dont think like the regular person so I cant really see myself in a failing relationship. If you knew me better you'd understand why, like my friends and family do. But your a bunch of strangers on a forum, commenting on "adults dating minors", so of course you cant see it like I do.

But I will leave this thread now, if I offended anyone im sorry. But I dont regret posting here because nobody will take away my confidence or make me believe im less of myself. My parents used to say "wait until your older", but they have stopped saying that now....

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Beautifully - and MATURELY - said, Roimata. I, for one, would like to wish you the best of luck. And if you can stand up under adversity your whole life the way you have done here, you will be a remarkable young woman some day.
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The topic has been thoroughly discussed and is now closed.
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