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Do I need to reinstroduce?

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Whitey's fur-cut isn't being accepted well by Luna and Patches.

Patches came up and started hissing at him and Luna has been following him around growling at him.

Ummm....I know he looks different but I didn't think that this change was going to effect the other cats.

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Whitey had a full body trim? Chances are that the look is not as intimidating to the others as the way he feels or even smells different if he is coming back from the groomers or vets. Possibly both, he may feel uncomfortable, look different, and have a scent from.......Don't know enough details to specify but I would say help him feel comfortable and remind them they know him already.......
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Yes they did scent him and he's a little down today. I was just playing with him and that's when Luna was smelling him and began growling.

I finally took Luna aside in her own room to play and the Whitey came in. she basically just went after him and now she's in time out. She's very stressed with him right now.

Thank you,
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Rub a towel over each one after doing it to the others so they smell alike.
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He's just come back from the groomers with a different smell so they don't recognise him, so transferring smells from each cat to him so that he smells familiar will help them to accept him again
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Remember the vanilla trick! I just used it when Ferris came home with his lion cut and they are all getting along fine.
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When I was home today I always made sure to pet Whitey first, then Luna, to rub his scent on her. She's still very territorial towards him though.

Patches pretty much hisses. We're giving Whitey lots of love and attention though.

I thought about the vanilla thing, but it doesn't work with Luna. I've tried in the past and she always became worse with the cats. I know there is a lavender trick too...I may try that if things don't improve.
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