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Ok, I've been watching this poor thing for the last 3 or 4 days and nights. She looked like she should belong to one of the apts across the way, but no wants to claim her. So tonight I went down with a bowl of food for her to see. She's very affectionate, to the point she couldn't decide what she wanted more, the food or the love. So, being the softy I am, I brought her up and stuck her in the bathroom for the night. I gave her food, water and a basin of sorts with a towel in it. There's already a litter box in there. Now the question I have is whether to go knocking on all the doors in the complex and the two on either side to see if someone is owned by her or just call the local no-kill on Monday? I can't keep her, Akasha is very mad at me right now for evening bringing her in, and Kahlan is currently growling at the bathroom door. Any thoughts?
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Ok, nm. I just went out to have a smoke, and the owner was outside doing the same thing. Her name is Bootsy, and she has been returned to her home.YAY!!!!!!
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Whew, thats good news!!
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