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Hi. Hope someone can help me.

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Hi everyone. I found your site on Google and am hoping someone will be able to help me.
I took in 2 young skin & bones abandoned cats a couple months ago. They look pretty young and as luck would have it, the female was pregnant. She is a tiny petite cat who looks like she must have gotten caught in her first heat.
Anyway, she had her kittens yesterday. 7 of them! An unbelievable amount for such a tiny girl. She slept for a long while afterwards and after she woke up I noticed that she didn't have control of her hind legs. She is dragging them around as if they were paralyzed. Now, I notice that she can move her little toes and her legs somewhat, but cannot stand on them as if her hips don't work. I am at a loss here.
Have any of you ever heard of anything like this? She doesn't seem to be in pain...she's eating fairly well...no bad odors or discharges-although there is a little blood here and there. It's like the whole back part of her is unable to move and it is just breaking my heart watching her try to get around.
I also haven't been able to help her use the litter box and don't know what to do about that.
My sister-in-law called her vet and they said that maybe it was from swelling or maybe her labor isn't over yet and to wait and see for a few days. (Said in some cases with a large litter, that labor will stop for a day or two and then continue again for the rest of the litter.) My mom thought maybe a pinched nerve?

You all sound like knowledgeable caring cat people and I'm hoping you can give me some clues to allay my fears over this. I really have never heard of this happening to anyone.

Thanks so much.
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My vet told me that if a kitten hasnt be born after an hour or so to bring my cat in and i dont think she would still be in labor if she was deliverying them on time and not to early.....i would get ahold of another vet becuz i dont think she would still be in labor not that long.....please call another vet and ask them becuz that dont seem right! Keep us updated...and i am prayin for ur lil one!!!
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Welcome to TCS!

Forgive me for being blunt, but if her back legs don't work, my vet wouldn't told me to bring her in ASAP. My suggestion is to call another vet, I don't like what the one you called said. (What a welcoming post, eh? )

I do so hope the momma is OK. Please keep us updated!
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Personally. if I had just had 7 babies, I would be able to move my legs either!LOL!

Sorry, I just had to let that out....

Anyways, back to being serious. I have no idea what's wrong, but if she's still not moving her back legs by tomorrow, I would highly recommend taking her to a vet. That could be something serious.

Also, don't always take the word of just 1 vet, always get a second opinion. I almost lost my cat because the first vet I called said to bring her in the next day because they were almost closed. Well, I called another vet and they took her in right then and there, even thought they had just closed. Turned out, if I hadn't of gotten her in that day, she would have probably been dead.

Good luck with the mama cat and the kittens. Be sure to keep us all posted on everyone's progress.
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Wow. I didn't expect to get replies so quickly!

That's kinda what I was thinking too guys, but was just hoping it would get better soon. I've never even heard of this happening to a cat during delivery.

Last night she kept trying to drag herself away to somewhere to hide so that was scaring me a bit. I had to sit with her for quite a while to calm her and keep her with her kittens. As I was petting her more, I noticed that about 3 inches before her tail, it sort of dips a little...like straight along her back and then a little dip to her tail.
Well, this morning she is purring again and wanting to eat again so at least I feel a little better.

No way I can get her to a vet today but will call tomorrow and get her looked at.

Thanks a bunch for all the love! Helps to "hear" caring voices.
I'll let you know what the vet comes up with.

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Hi again!
Apologies for taking so long to post but have been having internet problems the last couple days.

Anyway, I took my little cat into the vets on Monday. He took 2 x-rays and the good parts are that there are no more kittens inside...and she doesn't have a broken back or any broken bones. The bad part is that in her attempt to push 7 kittens out of her tiny body, her pelvis had to widen so much that she managed to dislocate a part of it. There is a tiny separation on the left side. I do remember that she really howled when they were coming out...especially the one that came out backwards. Poor baby.
So doc said that it may take up to 4 weeks for her to get straightened out and better. He gave me some antibiotic to take care of possible infection and/or toxoplasmosis. I also have to express her urine for her.

On the bright side, she is being a wonderful mom to her kittens and after helping her through all this, I've decided to keep her. I've named her Ruby...short for Reuben (a nickname for my sister-in-law Robin who paid for the vet visit for me...bless her heart).
I have my fingers crossed that everything will turn out alright with her.

Thanks so much for all your help guys!
It was really appreciated!
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I'm so glad to see an update!

Dislocated her pelvis? Ouch! Poor momma, but she's got a home now.

I probably don't need to tell you this, but I will anways. Momma can get pregnant again already. My suggestion is to book a spay appt. now & keep her indoors only.
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Awwwwww.....poor baby. She went through so much to bring those babies into the world. I wish the previous owner would have spayed her so she wouldn't have had to go through such a painful experience. Also, I assume that, since she's nursing, the vet was unable to give her any painkillers. Poor poor baby. :'(

That's really nice that your sister-in-law was able to help out with the vet bills, what a wonderful woman.

Good luck with mama and kittens and I'm glad to hear that you have decided to keep her, I'll bet she will love you for that forever.
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Trust me girl.
There is no way on God's green earth that we are having any more ordeals like this one again!

Although honestly with all that is going on here, I hadn't even given a thought to her being in heat again.
Thanks for the smack on the head! I appreciate it!
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Thanks Tortiebaby.

Yeah, my heart just went out to her. No way she's leaving here. I hope it won't be too much of a problem though. I already have two 11 year old tabby sisters here (Stubby and Sissy) who have been giving me a heck of a time about new additions to the family. I would also love to keep her brother (he's been staying outside for the last week) but my one cat is petrified of him and is using a corner of my livingroom as a litter box. There is a shelter here locally that is going to help me out by spaying and neutering them both so maybe there is a chance that my little Stubby will find him less terrifying and maybe he will be a lot less pushy.
Hey, I can hope.

Thanks again. I am really grateful for your kindness.
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