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Tiny, a little black kitten died

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I found Tiny's brothers taking shelter on my front porch during a rainstorm one night this June. They were about 5 weeks old but small for their age. They were feral. One by one I captured them and brought them inside to feed them and get them out of the weather. The next morning I woke early. It was pouring again and I discovered Tiny crouched and looking miserable on the porch. I rushed to get a towel and brought him in. He did not hiss like the others. I knew it was a bad sign, actually. He was very frail and small--likely the runt. I was able to get some food into him-- and he ate on his own as well-- and I thought I could save him and bring him in to health.But he died in front of me on Monday night, June 18.
Though I only knew him for a few days we had bonded instantly. The images of his death and that last night are very hard to get out of my mind. In 2005 I lost my beautiful tuxedo cat, Morrigan, to cancer. Tiny has now, I hope, joined her under her protection--she loved kittens.
I am so upset about Tiny
I wanted him to grow bigger and stronger and know what a happy life could be like.
I have other cats to take care of, including Tiny's brothers, so am trying hard to keep myself pulled together for their sake. But it is hard. I really truly loved, and still love ,Tiny. He will always have a special place in my heart.

thank you for listening.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Your story has brought tears to my eyes. Rest in peace dear, dear little Tiny. It's so hard to lose the littlest ones.
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I'm so sorry Tiny will be well looked after and mothered over at the bridge

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so sorry to hear of Tiny's death... console yourself that you've saved the others for a happier life! to you during this painful time... he's happy & heathy now, playing over the bridge
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thank you for your replies
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I am sorry to hear about Tiny, you are so nice to take care of the other kittens.

RIP Tiny
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that you were able to help Tiny though and that his last moments were somewhere he was warm and loved.

Rest in peace, Tiny.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking care of him and loving him. RIP Tiny.
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RIP Tiny.
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I'd like to ask everyone here for more prayers for Chris, please. It was heartbreaking enough that she lost Tiny, but yesterday she discovered that a small black and white feral kitten she hadn't been able to catch, who she believes is one of Tiny's brothers, was killed by another animal. She found him on her porch, a heartwrenching discovery. Rescue work is very hard, and Chris has been knocking herself out trying to care for ferals and strays, find homes for them, and get them the vet care they need including neutering, since there aren't any no-kill shelters in her area. She's doing everything she can, yet sometimes it's impossible to protect those poor kitties, no matter how hard she tries. Please pray for her to heal from these two losses of such sweet innocent kittens. who are now reunited and playing happily at the Bridge, but whom she'd hoped would have many years here on Earth, and whom she was trying so hard to save.

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Thanks for letting us know Cindy. Chris is in my thoughts and prayers. RIP little black and white kitten.
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oh Chris I am sorry and sadden to read about sweet Tiny - you certainly did all your very best and I am sure he passed peacefully he knows he was loved

RIP Sweet Tiny, theres lots of special kitties that you can have some kitty adventures with
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