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I feel like I have to vent here big time!!

I love my OH dearly and wouldn't want to change anything about him....except one thing. He's best friends with a guy that drives me up the wall! I'm sure it's a very common problem but what complicates it is that I get on really well with his girlfriend; she's one of the sweetest people I know.

My latest frustration is over cats. When myself and OH started talking about our latest gorgeous addition, his response was directly to me 'it's YOUR cat. K is a dog person'. As if I forced our sweet baby on K! Then when I invited the two of them out to our house for dinner his reaction was: 'eughh, I'm allergic to those things that cats cough up'.

This may seem fairly trivial but every time we have a conversation I want to throttle him!!! He's so shallow and superficial, it drives me mad!!
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This is not trivial in any way! This is a button OH knows you have and when to push it. Could even be unintentional, but hmmmmm...makes you wonder, would me atleast! This is something you feel offended by, so much you need to vent, I am very familiar with these idiotic human accusations or implications of you being less because of your relationship with your cat. Look at the big picture, if it was a dog, and the dog only liked you, growled at everyone else......same response would happen, It's your dog!
'eughh, I'm allergic to those things that cats cough up'.
This kind of comment is so ridiculously pretentious, Hey the two of them have something in common, so is the kitty, thats why it was coughed up! Easier said then done, but the best thing is to turn this obnoxious "stick in the side" comments into entertainment. Get a giggle out of the shallow, one thing that gets you comments, when really they have no ground!
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It's so good to hear that I'm not just being paranoid! I could go on all night about the guy but that would mean I care too much

I happen to be involved with a guy who defends certain people or things even though at times he risks extinction. Well not quite that harsh but we have a great relationship apart from the fact he is sooooo short sighted when it comes to this friend of his.

I need to stop now!!!
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You've got to stop letting this guy get to you. There must be something worthwhile to him, if you like the people that like him. It sounds like he's in the habit of annoying you to see you react, and you have (understandably) a short fuse with his comments!

I think your OH should ask him to lay off, and you should try really hard to ignore his little comments. Good luck!
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Well interestingly, the said couple gave us a lift home yesterday. They even came into the house and the guy in question actually petted the kitten. I think he knew he had annoyed me before so we made peace by him showing interest in the cat.

I think the two of us have to learn to put up with each other!!
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