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How t oget a dog to like me.

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This is so embarrassing. One my my clients have a King Charles Spaniel and the dog is deathly afraid of me. We had pizza for lunch and I even knelt by her crate in the kitchen and offered a bit of sausage and she backed further in her crate!! I don't have any other problems with other dogs-is it the cat smell-I though of going over to one of my neighbor's house and getting a dog smell on me!! I have to work there in a couple of weeks and I would like some success with her. (the owner suggested bringing a tenderloin steak).
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I know there are others here with trained experience, but I will tell you what just recently worked for me in a similar situation with my untrained experience.

We recently purchased a new home and 2 doors down is a dog, just like my dog. That dog instantly loved my dog but would coward away from me if I was near (me and Jim). So I sat down in the yard and started talking to him softly (like people advise here to do with cats that are scared)

Everytime the dog came to see my dog ( about 10 times) I always sat down and talked very softly to this dog. Just yesterday the dog finally approached me and let me pet him on his neck. It only lasted for about 20 secs and then he went away but he came back about 5 times and let me touch gently touch him.

Im hoping in another 10 sessions, he will trust me completely. Jim did none of this and the dog is still scared of him.
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Don't push him. His crate is his safe spot, and it's where he can go to escape and not be bothered. If he is afraid of you, please do not harass him while he's in his crate.

I'd go over to your friend's house, and hang out with her in the yard wth her pup. Ignore him, and talk softly but normally with your friend while sitting on the ground. He'll come over and sniff you after a while if he's not too scared. You probably just need the little guy to get used to your presence first. Don't try to pet him, hug him, etc, and don't raise your voice or make eye contact. No sudden moves--you know the drill.

After a few visits with your friend giving him treats and praise when he comes near you (try a treat he almost never gets that he looooves) he should be a little bit more used to you.

Then implement Pami's suggestion. It sounds like he is undersocialized or afraid of you/something on you. Is he a rescue?
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Something that has always worked well for me is carrying liver treats in your pockets when you go over there. Don't talk to the dog... don't look at the dog.. don't even acknowledge the dog... but every once in a while, toss a liver treat in the dogs direction. (Also works with teeny - think pencil eraser - hot dog or cheese pieces... but I find freeze dried liver treats don't leave a gross mess in your pocket )

She'll probably take a few minutes before she eats it... but after she has a few she'll start to connect "good food" and "nice lady throwing treats" Might take a few trips, but pretty soon you should be her best friend.
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I forgot to mention... this is also how a lot of the shelters get scared dogs out of their crates when they first show up. They just walk past the crate and drop small but very tasty treats outside the door. It helps them associate outside of the crate with good food.... so the theory does have a history of working
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Ignore him. Once he perceives you are not a threat, he'll come around. If you "invade his space", he's likely to bite. When shelter dogs don't like me, I completely ignore them & go about business as usual until they relax.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Ignore him. Once he perceives you are not a threat, he'll come around. If you "invade his space", he's likely to bite. When shelter dogs don't like me, I completely ignore them & go about business as usual until they relax.
My words exactly.
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Great advice so far!
Something else that can help is "getting down to their level". Without approaching or acknowledging the dog, lie or sit down on the floor. IF the dog wants to approach and sniff, this makes it easier and makes you more approachable.
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Well, my advice is completely different, but it's definitely not expert and it's completley based on Cesar's philosophy. I'd establish that you're pack leader, as to how you go about that, Cesar's got books out there and he's also got at least a weekly (sometimes more) tv series that shows this. They often cover animals that are terrified.
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I've been to their house three times this year and about 3-4 times last summer. When she doesn't see me she is fine-actually the first time she ever saw me last year she barked. If she does'nt see me she acts just fine!! I think when I go back in a couple of weeks I will bring dog treats and do the ignoring thing. They keep her in the house while I am working outside (she doesn't want to come outside in fact). Not a rescued dog I don't know her age though. The owners are as puzzled as I am!!
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My good friends have a lab border collie rescue, who was such a sweety. They lived up here in Chicago when they adopted him and he and I were BFFs. We would roll around on their carpet and play chase outside. I loved that dog.

Well they moved to St. Louis, and now whenever I come he runs from me, he's seriously terrified of me. (along with everyone else) I don't know what happend. I am not around enough to work with him, but when I am there I usually just ignore him. If he's outside I'll go sit outside and talk to him quietly.

They have another dog now, so I usually spoil her and he gets jealous and comes over.
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