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Litter Box

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Well, little Aurora who is 4.5 weeks old now, but had the kidney infection of a lifetime 2 weeks ago that made her unable to grow from one week to almost three weeks of age, actully used her litter box today!

I have been on and off again putting her in the tiny litter box aftr feeding her, but usually she tries to eat it, or just cries. Then today I was finished feeding her, and decided to try again, and almost immediatly she peed! First I noticed what seemed to be a tiny hint of scratching at the litter which I thought was a great start, so then I waked around her and she was peeing!

I am not sure if it wasn't just coincidence, like maybe she had planned on peeing on my forearm before I put her in it (Believe me, she does this often) but it was practically immediate, and almost made me cry in joy!! She wont yet use it to poop though, but hey- every step is helpful!

Today she is at 245grams in weight. Very underweight, but she looked like a healthy 2.5 week old kitten, instead of her 4.5 week old self. Her development is just a little drawback, but she has been doing SOOO much better now compared to the poor 2 day old kitten that had a visable spine when I first brought her home!!

She was able to walk at just 1 week old, and has been cleaning herself since 2 weeks, her ears have been working since 2 weeks, etc.. so she was ahead of her time for a while.. only to get drawnback by the kidney infection that almost killed her!
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What good news! Glad to hear she is doing much better.
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Its nice to hear shes nearly getting there... But it will take time, we have to be patient with these kind of things...
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Now, Aurora seems to be getting much better at this Litter Box thing. Everytime we are done feeding her, we put her in it and lately she has done perfectly! About.. 4 toimes in about a week.. I would say that is pretty good for still being soooooooo litttle and tiny. And the other day I saw her laying on her back trying to clean her tummy (Which is impossible!1 LOL) I almost died as it was SOO adorable! And then she continued to use her hind leg to scratch behind her own ear. I was amazing.. she is only 4.5 weeks old when she did it, and I just coulnd't stop smiling in happiness. Her walking has improved like CRAZY and now she runs around with only mild stumbles when she turns too sharp, otherwise she is invincible (At least she thinks so!!) She is doing incredible!
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