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Wysong Cat Food

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Does anyone know anything about Wysong cat food? Is it a good product to feed my cats? I used to feed them Science Diet but after all of the recall business I'm looking for anyother brand.
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I think that's a good food. We feed our cats Merrick, Wellness, Natural Balance and PetGuard. Merrick has pieces in it, some cats don't like them. I mash up that food. These foods are all wet foods.

Good luck. I hope your kitty likes your choice.
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Wysong is a premium but is not a favorite due to the amount of grain s and the types of grains used... I use ther au jus wets on occation ..

I would place it higher than SD but many other good brands are better and more affordable IMHO
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I've fed Wysong Uretic, but have gone to the Nutro Max Cat some time back and am happier with that for the Money.
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I don't like Wysong because of the garlic.
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It is better than Science Diet.
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Mine don't like the wet at all but on the few occasions that we can not find their regular dry, they like the Vitality (pink label) so they get that until we can find their regular food
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