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Cat introduction to older cat?

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We have some friends, that used to be our neighbors and once I took care of their cat leo years ago.All I remember is that the cat didint like strangers
Well now they are moving to another continent,and they will be traveling alot so they didnt want to take their old poor leo with them.They searched for a home for him but no one could take him.They called us thrusday and talked to us and said that they would have to put him down
Leos life would have ended today,but thanks to our prayers and Gods mercy,we figuered a way that we could take leo into our houses

We will be looking for a new definte loving home for leo,but while he is with us I will give him lots of love.My family is not very exited about it but I am!I will get pics soon and I cerntainly will have a lot of questions.

I have allready done alot of reasearch about introducing cats but I have some questions that are important..

I really need help NOW about introducing them slowly.
I have done a lot of reaserch,and these are the steps right?

my dad thinks you can just stick them together and pull them apart when they fight I think this sounds terrible and inhumane as I have read everywhere that you have to introduce them slowly.I really need you guys now to convince them that they will not jsut get ALONG!

does it matter that the origional cat is a kitten and the new that I will be introducing is and old cat?

1.keep the new cat in a closed room,and let your first cat sniff under the door,

2.feed your first cat in front of the door,so that the cat associates good things like food with the new smell of the other cat.

3.Let your first cat explore the new cats territtoy,while the other cat is out of the room.
4.Show them to each other thruough a transparnt glass
5. feed them in the same room but at opposite end,and get them closer to each other.

do i have it right?

Please give me soem things to tell my parents about introducing them slowly.
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First let me say cheers to you for giving this kitty a loving home, and even with discouraging surroundings. Follow your instincts, it is never a free for all and everything just works its self out. You always want to avoid the worst, in this situation a horrible vicious fight with vet bills for both and possibly worse, all along your motive was to give a home and longer life!.I am sure some people have different suggestions when it comes to the basic tips for introductions. I think your list was pretty accurate, but one thing I disagree with is feeding by the door. Cats are possessive, emotional creatures. Often under extreme stress their appetite and digestive process is effected by this. Food, water, and litter should be where it is already for yours and in a cozy, safety zone area for the new older cat. Especially being older, you want to insure his safety zone. They will smell each other under the door no matter what, if they do not take to each other this way, why make feeding a threat or uncomfortable. During visual intros treats are a positive when things are mellow. Also the transparent glass, they aren't snakes........Once there is an acceptance of another kitty on the other side of the door, you could carry out the older one and let yours see him, depending on reaction how much more......
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