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Hairballs... I'm not sure which cat did it, but for two nights we have found hairballs on their beds. Not a lot, but a good amount. It's probably Sarah. We have the Groom Zoom & a metal comb. I need to get back a routine of brushing them. I like the Groom Zoom, but not all that hair flying away off the end of the brush. What you recommend? Should we try the hairball malt, plus grooming.

What about the grooming gloves, do they really work? Does the furmatior(ms?) work? What about short hair cats?
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The furminator is the BEST comb/brush ever. Nothing else comes close. I have 7 short (or medium) haired cats and it takes GOBS of hair off of them. I can't describe the amount of hair, you have to see it.

Petsmart has a good online price. I read here the other day that if you print the page from the PS website, PS will match the online price in the store. Saves about $10 IIRC. I would recommend one!

Hairball goo...it works well if the cat will eat it or tolerate having it smeared on them.
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I love the furminator. Not sure how they work on short haired but it works great on my long haired cats. Also, you can try giving your cat a tablespoon of canned, plain pumpkin daily. That's what I used to do. Now I've switched to mostly wet food for them and they hardly ever have hairballs.
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I used to use the hairball goo for Oliver and he used to like it... then he started to hate it and it's been near impossible to get it in him... I tried smearing it on his nose and paws etc but it just turns into a big mess (there are still marks on some of the walls that he managed to flick it on)... I just keep him brushed well - he gets hairballs every once in awhile, but he's very meticulous about preening himself, so I doubt he'll never not have hairballs
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Thanks, we do feed wet food and they have a Drinkwell. We ended up getting the malt. Sarah loves it (but she loves food, anything to eat Max isn't crazy about it, but once he figured out it was for eating, he was okay...lukewarm on the whole thing. We'll see how it goes with more grooming and the malt.
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