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Nope My pup Gigi used to but diet cleared it right up ... Zoey was started on a good diet and as long as I dont mess with it she is good
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We've had our two since they were six weeks old and they are going on 10 months now. I have yet to ever hear or smell one.

Of course I've probably jinxed it now.
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OMG, that's too funny.

Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
I think I've told this story before...
But when I first got Zissou she was a young kitten and had some pretty bad gas, only made worse by the deworming stuff.

For a couple of days, she would fart so loud you wouldn't have believed it didn't come from a cow. And when she did, she would freeze, puff up, and tear off in a full panic. She was terrified of farts. She would even try to attack her own butt.

Or any human's... if a human dared to fart in her presence, the offending um, part, was promptly attacked. Especially if you were sleeping.

Thankfully she's outgrown that
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Wow! I have to ask, what are you all feeding your kitties??? I think I heard one of my cats fart once......and I THINK I heard it, it could have be my air conditioning unit for all I know. I'm not entirely sure if I ever heard a cat fart for real?!?! That's funny though, I think it has a lot to do with diet.

Originally Posted by PinkRhinos4 View Post
Does your kitty fart... I think mine does hehe
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Trout doesn't fart...hopefully she stays that way
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