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Need Your Opinion on Reyah...

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Hi! I'm a little concerned. Reyah was released to the shelter at the end of March and had kittens. The day after she gave birth, my friend took her and the kittens home with her. Since then, Reyah has only been at the shelter for 4 days and that was because my friend was either out of town or had relatives in (can't remember for sure now). Well, I've noticed over the past week that Reyah's stomach keeps getting larger. My friend saw her on Sunday and then again yesterday. I told her that if I didn't know any better that I would swear that she was pregnant. Well, she agreed. She said that she can't figure out how in the world she could be, but her stomach sure looks like it. Poor girl looks like she's swallowed a Cantaloupe. The problem is that I have an appointment to take her and Hera on Tuesday to get them spayed. What do you suggest I do? Will they have to do an ultrasound to find out? I've tried feeling and I don't feel any kittens moving around, so I don't know, but I tell you, she looks like she sure is. What's the best thing to do at this point or any way that I can find out? She's been extremely motherly to Athena (the bottle-fed kitten)...more so in the past 2 days than since we brought Athena here (last Sunday). I pray that she isn't pregnant, because she just got over having a litter and she doesn't need this, we sure couldn't keep them, plus our shelter is so overrun with cats that they're having to rig up cages just to have a place to put them all. I'm open to opinions and advice. Thanks!
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If the vet will do it, I would just go ahead with the spay, pregnant or not. I know I don't have to tell you about the overpopulation and that there is no need to let another litter be born. Plus with no room and the fact that she just had a litter...
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I agree with Jen. Sometimes, you have to put your pesonal feelings aside & stop to think, will the babies even stand a chance at getting homes? Many times, the babies just end up euthanized anyways....you can stop them from being born & being euthanized or from taking the homes of kittens you cannot stop from being born. Sorry to be so negative, but the shelter here is turning kittens away, knowing they face ugly lives doing so, but there just is no more space.

I've done several spay/aborts...the cat never knows. My Tabitha, the spay abort saved her life. She had a tumor growing that would've killed her & the babies.
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Thanks to both of you. I had been thinking that they couldn't abort the kittens after a certain time, so that's why I was concerned. I was told (yesterday) that they can do that up until the end of the pregnancy. Oh, I agree completely. We definitely do NOT need more kittens around here. I knew that there was no chance that she got pregnant while in our care, because she's only been with us for a week, and we don't have a male cat. Plus she's been strictly indoors. I'm still taking her and Hera on Tuesday and I'll just tell them to go ahead and spay regardless. I just didn't know that they could do it late in a pregnancy. We're wondering if it could possibly be a false pregnancy. Either way, she'll be spayed. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.
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Let us know what the vet says. It could be a false pregnancy or something else. Sending lots of vibes for their spays
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