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Smart Pet!

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I hope this doesn't happen to anyone with a dog... Ah, and there's an odd twist in the end!

Dog drives owner’s car into river

Canine gives new meaning to the phrase ‘bad dog’

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Wow, it's weird reading that story because the same thing happened to me (except I'm not a dog and the car didn't go into the river) but it was with a Chevy Impala, too. When I was about 3 or 4, my mother left me in the car while she ran into the post office. I got behind the wheel and pretended I was driving, and the car rolled backwards into the street.

I thought for sure I would be in a heap of trouble but she never said a thing. I guess she thought she had left the car in neutral!

Wonder if the keys were left in, or the parking brake wasn't on, or what was the deal?
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It serves him right if he didn't have the parking brake on.
It is funny, though!
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Wow, that is crazy!!
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Ha! My brother was the dog -- when I was eight and he was two, Mom left us in the steep-sloped driveway with the car running for just a moment to go back for something. I was in the back seat, and suddenly my brother yanked on the gearshift and the car started rolling backward. I dove over the seat, and although I couldn't reach the brake pedal, I did have the presence of mind to manage the wheel. I backed neatly across the street, turned as we entered the neighbor's drive, and came to rest backed up against a speed limit sign.

I thought I'd done pretty well, not hitting any cars or people! But of course all I heard from my folks was how I should have pulled the emergency brake.

I didn't even know what an emergency brake was...
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Cats never do that
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Dog drives owner’s car into river
Reminds of me when my mom was driving, and Spike doesnt like car rides at all, unless he gets to sit on my moms lap and "drive" (He puts his feet on the wheel). So we let him because hes a big baby and puts up a fit if he doesnt get too. But one time he actually turned the wheel and we almost hit another car.. I believe we were at a stop sign and were goign to go strait when he turned the wheel just as my mom stepped on the gas. We ended up turning.. He was banished to the back seat for a while, but now hes up their driving with her again.
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