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What is Garfields freakin' problem?!?

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OK.. I know I havent been on in awhile. IM SORRY!! Life has been really busy!
I REALLY miss you all though!!!

Anyways...I have a problem.... we bought a new house and ever since we have moved Garfield has been peeing on my rugs (upstairs) and pooping in the garage!!!

What is his problem?! I have their litter boxes in the basement (right next to the garage) their is plenty of activity in and out of the basement with plenty of lighting in there.. so I dont think he is scared....

I need some help with this one cause im getting really tired of washing these rugs everyday!!


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Sounds like he needs a trip to the vet, possibly he has a UTI. Some cats have a real problem with change and moving is a big one! Anytime they change their behavior (like not using the litter box) it's most likely a health problem.

Congrats on your new house!
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Poor you, I used to wash huge carpets from my dog peeing on them all the time, so time consuming, but, the straight vinegar helps a lot with smell-I gave up on small bottles and used the biggest bottle of vinegar I could find.

Does Garfield want his litter box some place else? He may be frightened of the 'basement'....... How old is the house? (I've watched too many of those 'Most Haunted' shows I think)

Ask him, where does he want it? while your holding the box and looking straight at him.
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After eliminating the medical reason(s), I would suggest more boxes in some additional locations.
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Yeah, maybe Garfield thinks it's too "inconvenient" to go all the way down the stairs. Or maybe there's some kind of spirit [(oooooooooh -- spooky!)] down in the basement! *Hey! It could happen!* Hehe... Try putting the litter box somewhere else and see what he thinks. Or try putting the litter box right where he pees on the rugs. If he starts using them, gradually move the litter box towards a wall, out of the way, and see what happens. Of course, before you try this, rule out all possible medical complications.
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I agree with everyone else--rule out UTIs first, since blockages can be deadly if untreated. Then either move or add boxes upstairs. Often there are noisy things in basements, like the furnace and such. It may only take one big bang or thump for him to decide that he basement is a scary place. Also, be sure you are using an enzymatic cleaner for the spot where he has urinated, and let it dry completely before allowing him access to that spot again (it may need to be covered to keep him away).
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