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gang of cats at night

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Hello cat lovers!

I don't actually own a cat, but I have recently witnessed a strange cat related phenomenon: last night, and the night before, I have woken up at about 5 am, looked through the window and how scary: six cats were sitting on the wall outside my bedroom window!!! the night before, they were not on the wall but just hanging around in my back yard. They don't look like they're stalking for rats/mice - they just seem to be chilling out!

I don't understand.

Has anyone else heard of/witnessed this strange behaviour? Is it common?

Because to be honest it's starting to freak me out a bit!

Any comments would be much appreciated as I try to get to the bottom of this cat-based enigma!

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Have you heard any cat fights or howling maybe not right outside your window but somewhere around? There might be a female cat in heat somewhere in the neighborhood. Intact males will come from quite a distance and congregate around a female in heat and this is the time of year for it. In fact this far into summer she may have already had a litter and be in heat again. Cats are very prolific breeders.
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just 6?

Since, we have had our cat, we have had, hundreds of different cats, siting in our back garden.

I came down one day, and i was, about 20 cats sitting there, this was when my kitten was really small, was was scared of the wind.
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ive seen the samething before peoples pet cats all meet up at a certain spot and just seem to be hanging out. I have walked into a few of these "parties" in the woods before. It does not look like any cat in heat and the cats do not look like tom cats they just seem like a bunch of pet cats socializing it really is weird to be going for a walk in trails in the woods and jsut walk into a gathering of cats, i know the cats are not feral or strays because they all look extremly healthy well fed have collars on and didnt seem afraid of me just watched me walk by
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Whe I lived in a house with a pool, my cats had friends over almost every night. They would play on the ladder and Fred would watch over everybody from the diving board. One of them would fall in occasionally, but always swam to safety. It was fun to watch a dozen or so cats frolick round the pool.
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Hasn't anyone seen the Aristocats? They're probably just a jazz band taking a set break.

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Perhaps you are a cat person and just don't know it yet?
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lOL Crazyness... I'm going with the cat parties.
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