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What's in my shoe?

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This morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, I noticed one of my shoes was missing. I left them sitting on the floor in the dining room. So I find the shoe across the room from the other. As I try to put it on, I realize something is in it. I look, and there is a plastic ring from the milk jug. Hmmm, I wonder who put that there?!

One of my cats must have been playing in my shoe last night. Silly creatures.
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LOL They make wonderful toys!
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Spidey has a serious shoe fetish. He will put things in there are play with them, which is fine, but sometimes in his play he gets rough and my shoes "disappear" under things, or sometimes he puts things in there that hurt my feet when I am in a hurry and put them on too fast.

One little boy who was over had his shoes off and thought it was very funny to find cat toys in his shoes when he went to leave.
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You just haven't lived till you find a pile of gooey earthworms in your bedroom slippers! Scatter used to bring them in and deposit them daily in my slippers..........ewwwww
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Oh hissy, worms?!?! That's soooo funny! I've never know a kitty to like worms!

Milo and Poppy bring in little skink things. Trouble is, they move so fast that you've got big kittymummy and two furbabies chasing this little skink all around the house. I try to save them before they become kitty snacks but I'm sometimes a bit too late. If that happens, I vow not to kiss those two for a whole day until their skink-breath goes.
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My late husband, Russ, wore pointy-toed cowboy boots. One morning, he pulled on his boots and felt something way down in the toe. It took some doing but, he pulled out a soft, sponge-rubber ball. He knew that one of the cats had put it there but, not which one.

That evening, Tamale calmly walked into the room, carrying a ball and proceeded to drop it into Russ' boot. He, then looked at Russ, as if to say, "Gotcha!" After that, Russ always shook his boots, before putting them on.
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I have to check my shoes every morning before I put them on - you never know what present will be there! Peppers has a stranger shoe fetish - every time some one new comes over she sniffs the shoes and rolls all over them. She will actually start drooling sometimes!
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Nothing better than dry food in my favorite pair of heels... Coopers morning treat for me!!!
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Rowdy likes to stick her head into Bill's slippers and push them around the floor. I don't know if she'll take to the new ones, that he's getting for Christmas. We may have to hold onto the old ones, for kitty toys.
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