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Is this normal??

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My cat is pregnant and it due in 23 more days! She has just in the past few days become very agressive by attacking and biting (not very hard)! This is my first litter and my normal vet is out of town!! Does anyone know if this is common?
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Hi Ash,

I'll be moving this to the behavior forum as it doesn't belong in the lounge.

I don't know if that is normal. I have never heard about such a thing. Is she an outdoor or indoor cat? How old? Is that her first litter (you said it was yours)?

Usually a change in behavior like that often indicates a health problem, so she really needs to see a vet.
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I would take her for a quick check. Sometimes when they dont feel well they can do this. Also, without knowing the background..she may be getting into her protective phase. Mother cats can sometimes get touchy about their birthing areas.
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She is about 3 and I dont know if it is her first! She was a stray cat at my friends plant store! They had to close it down and she was scared of what would happen to it so I gave it a home!
It is more like she is demanding attention! I dont believe she is being mean, just moody! She will be fixed after this litter! When I got her she was an outside cat but I also have 5 dogs (outside) so she is indoors now! My vet will be returning in about a week apparently he had a death in the family!
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