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I went to the store yesterday and a lady was trying to give this kitten away.
He is tiny!! The vet says 5 wks old. The lady said she wasn't sure if he was potty trained but he did "dig in the dirt". His family was eaten by coyotes so she put him in a wire crate outside to keep him safe. She said it brought the coyotes to close to the house so she needed to find him a home. I don't have the finances or the time for another kitten but I couldn't let her give this tiny baby to someone who wouldn't take care of him. She was feeding him Top Ramen because he couldn't eat the cat food she put out. I couldn't stand to leave him. I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon ($120). He has ear mites, worms, fleas, and an upper respiratory infection. His stomach is huge. He is having bowel movements. How long until the worms are gone and is this all worms? He has another dose of wormer in 10 days. I have never seen a stomach this big. It makes him waddle like a pregnant woman. It trully makes it hard for him to walk

(everytime I try to post pics I get a pop-up)
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When you post a pic use the IMG tags for right now. There seems to be a bit of a problem with the old way. Use [IMG*] url here [IMG*] (without the *). That should work. Poor little guy! Worms can make their tummies huge. Someone who knows more will be along soon Thanks for rescuing him!
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first of all , bless you for rescueing him your an angel.
in bad cases of worms their tummys can be really huge, a lot of it is caused by a gas build up caused by the worms.you should start seeing a difference withen the next week, after a cupple of doses he should be fine.
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Thanks, I have just never seen a little tummy this big!

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OMG he is CUTE! Those are blue eyes that will probably stay blue too!

I found his twin brother last year at my uncles farm.

P.S. search around your area for low cost vet clinics, no reason for dewormer, flea meds and ear mite treatment and maybe some anti-biotics to cost $120!
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aww bless his little heat , his a cutie. god the last time i saw a tummy like that was with a 5 month old stray i took in, he was throwing up worms and everytime he went to the litter pan his poo was covered in worms. that was the worse case i have ever seen. i think it took 2 lots of wormers to clear his up, that was 6 years ago.
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Leonard is doing much better. He finally passed a bunch of worms and his little stomach is back to normal. What a sweet little guy.
$120 is a lot for me...I moved to a small town and that is the best I could find
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Great news You know we want more pics now, right?
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thats great that his little tum is back to normal. thanks for the update.
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY View Post
Thanks, I have just never seen a little tummy this big!

awwwww! Firefox's tummy is like that, too. it's getting better - she's also been wormed. but i kinda think the malnutrition has something to do with it, too. you know how all of those poor kids in Ethiopia/Africa look? skinny limbs, huge stomach? Firefox kinda waddles some, too, altho that's also getting better. i think you'll continue to see improvement with better nourishment & recovery from the worms. i'm using a combinations of wet food, kitten formula & meat baby food for my little one. altho she's also eating some of the kibble that the adults have out, & occasionally their wet food, too - she's a little piglet!
i agree - more are a necessity!
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