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Annoying Problem...

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My cat, Cricket has started doing something really annoying. She is not in heat becuase I know for sure when that is.. but she has taken to meowing ALOT. Now, it isn't an I'm-in-pain-help-me-crying meow, but a playful, rolling meow. THe weird part is that she does not do this during the day. She usually starts it about 5pm at night and she meows and meows until I am ready to THROTTLE her. It not due to her sleeping all the time and being up at night, becuase she and Ash play constantly so I know its not that. But WHY else would she be doing this? She is not pregnant either becuase she is never allowed out doors and Ash is neutered. She goes to be spayed in October. Any ideas?
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Might just be her personality. They go thru phases just like children do

Why are you waiting all the way until October to spay her? If she is already going in heat, of course she is plenty old enough. Just curious.
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Becuase I could not get an appointment til then for the place I am taking her to have it done...
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WOW.... your vet must be very busy!!!
Has anything new changed in your household? In your life? Animals often pick up extremely odd habits whenever you so much as change the lighting in the living room! Cats are paticularly sensitive... But nothing at all has changed, not slightly? If not, it may just be a "stage". Kids go through a stage when they crawl into bed and act tired them take off their clothes and run around the house screaming. Kitties go through stages where they do funky stuff too... How old is Cricket?
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She is about 6 months old. Yeah, my vet's office does stay quite busy , but I would not dream of taking her elsewhere. As for anything changing... only thing I can think of is that I have been home less latley because I am working alot of mandatory over time at work. Maybe she misses me? Hubby says she is quiet until I come home. ANother weird thing about her though... we have had her since 6 weeks of age and she just does NOT want to come to us when we call her. She's not deaf at all, but she isn't a cuddle bug like my Ash is..he BEGS for you to love on him and is coming to you before you can get the words kitty, kitty out of youir mouth,lol. She isn't mean or unfriendly, she just isn't real loving either. SHe will let you pet her, but she kinda ducks waaaay down under your hand, almost like she is cowering, poor girl. I love her to peices though, and she has always been this way.
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My female does that too - just doesn't want to be touched, so I don't force it on her. She will allow more from my husband, though!
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