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Containing kittens?

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I was thinking about getting something to contain my kittens (for example, when I first get them and they are getting acclimated to the new environment, the dogs, etc.).

Would a dog exercise pen work or would they just climb out/hop? Anyone use this?

Any suggestions?
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It depends how old they are. I bought a play pet yard when my cat had kittens but by six to seven weeks they had all learned to climb out of it.

If you have a spare bedroom or office you could set them up in there with their food, litter and toys and them let them out for supervised play until they get adjusted to the new house.
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An extra room would work better, or a very large dog crate. The open pen, they would eventually figure out how to climb up the sides. You could use the open pen and drape a sheet over it - that should confine them pretty good.
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a extra large dog crate is perfect IMO.
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Thanks for the responses, guys.

Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in the city so I don't have an extra room (although I could use the bathroom, although that would be kinda a pain).

I think I may go with the exercise pen with a sheet on the top.. I could use it for other purposes (my dogs) anyway.
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I have a puppy play pen (metal) that someone gave me. I started keeping my kittens and moms in that when the babies were 2 weeks old... but it seemed like at exactly 4 weeks old, a button was hit and they immediately started to climb out of it, LOL. John's parents had bought an outdoor cooler/table type thing and it was in a HUGE box with styrofoam the size of the box. We broke the styrofoam into the right sized pieces and used that for a "lid" to the pen. We had tried a sheet but it didn't work because they just pushed it out of their way... but I imagine if you had a bunch of clothes pins to pin the sides down tight that would keep them in very well.
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Thanks for the tip on the clothespins or even those black clips you use for papers - I use them at the shows to clip the curtains.......should have thought of that
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