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Uhh, surprise kitten?

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So, I come home today, and I hear 'mewing'. I figure one of the cats are picking on one of the younger kittens. But no, I hear MEWING, and I'm counting, and all my cats are accounted for...

So I flip the couch over, and stick my hand up where the lining has come away.

Okay, why the hell is there a tiny kitten in there?

There is a VERY tiny window of time she could have gotten pregnant. There was only one boy in the house capable of getting her pregnant, and he supposedly was a tricolor, which supposedly means sterile (and even when I took him to get fixed, the doctor told me he only had one testicle which hadn't even decended fully). My cats do not get out of the house, ever, and the only reason all the girls aren't spayed is a money issue (I owe the vet $1200 at the moment, and I don't qualify for the low-cost spaying).

So, uh.. introducing surprise kitten?

He's bigger than other newborn kittens I've seen, but the area I found him in was still 'moist', and I didn't hear anything last night, so it must have been while I was at work today. I'm thinking he's going to be long haired (his dad is), and he's a tuxedo kitten - the odd thing is, his muzzle is white, but he has two little black lines leading away from his mouth.. which totally looks like a mustache.

(Please don't lecture. This was a misjudge in timing, nothing purposeful nor neglectful. I also had NO reason to think she was pregnant)
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Woah. Weird.

Surprise!!!! Well, it's probably a good idea to check all over your house for any more surprises, what with a kitten being in your couch cushions...

I am amazed that a supposedly sterile cat with one undescended testicle managed to get your girl pregnant, but hey, maybe this cat will grow up with superpowers or something...

Is the boy cat neutered now?
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Oh yeah, the boy is most definately neutered now - it's how we found out there was one undescended testicle - the vet had to do a more involved surgery.

Here is oblivious dad:
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What a sweet kitten and a beautiful big boy, too. Glad things are calming down but what a suprise that had to be! How is mom doing?
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Mom is doing great, I made sure I thoughourly felt/squeezed her belly, seems to be no more in there.

Funny thing now, she keeps grabbing the kittens from her first (and was going to be her ONLY) litter in the room and in the box with her. These kittens are confused - they're four months old!
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Oh my goodness! Look at the hairdo on that kitten! That is so hilarious! He makes me think of one of those guinea pigs with the funky hair, heehee.

Your story sounds just like my brother's. He has a female cat(a beautiful bengal) and one day he woke up to a meowing under his bead. Well, sure enough, she had a kitten?!?!?! It was the surprise of his life. He was really happy though cause he absolutely loves baby animals. Heehee. She's spayed now, but I just thought I'd share that story. Good luck with the kitten.
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Not a lecture, just information sharing.

Males can still impregnate a female for a little while (a month maybe?) after getting neutered, so that may be how she got pregnant. Still seems rather odd, you wouldn't expect an undescended testicle to produce viable sperm since sperm need to be kept cooler than normal body temperature (hence why they're outside of the rest of the body). And especially from a tricolor too, but I suppose stranger things have happened. I think this little one might be a real miracle kitty!

But yeah, that's why in a multi-cat household, its usually recommended that one get the females done first, and the males later, since a neutered male could still impregnate an intact female, but it obviously doesn't work the other way around. Just for future reference so there are no more surprise (but adorable!) kittens in the future!

But yeah, I think this little one is destined for great things, since it overcame so much to just get conceived!
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Well, all the males have now been neutered for over a month, so I should be all set One of the girls is neutered (she had a C section), and this one will be neutered as soon as she finishes nursing.

I think my vet must be confused, as she hasn't seen me in a good month or so. Guess i have more work for her, now

The funniest thing, though, is that mom keeps dragging in kittens from her first litter (they're over four months, now - that was the 'big mistake' I made ), and putting them in the box with the kitten. They're not too happy, as they're a bit to big to be dragged around by the scruff of the neck, and mom is not real particular as to where she grabs (scruff of the neck, skin on the back, ears, etc )
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Wow, I bet that was a big suprise!
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No lecture here, but please search the whole house for any stragglers.
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No lecture here, but please search the whole house for any stragglers.
Oh, definately searched. I pretty much turned the place upside down last night - I ripped the entire bottom liner off the couch, since that's where she had them, even!

I also made sure I paid attention to the slightest sound last night. No more mewing! I know it's uncommon for a cat to have just one kitten, but this guy is so large that it leans credence to that occurance (And I made sure I thoughourly palpitated mom's stomach to ensure no more were stuck in there!)
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Wow how unusual!! but very funny all the same! reminds me of my rat adventures....anyhoo, congrats on that gorgeous baby!
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