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Hercules The "Bull" Cat!

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My mom was blow drying her hair today, and I walked by with Hercules in my arms. He took one look at the blow dryer and did a flip outta moms arms kinda thing. My mom turned off the RED blow dryer and I took Hercules over to her. He attacked her hand and jumped out of my arms. I told my mom to come into the living room to see him. I put Hercules in her arms and he was fine. My sister walked over and she was wearing her RED sweater, she touched Hercules and he freaked out. A couple minutes later it was Hercules' dinner time. I got his can of food and tapped it to get him to come into the kitchen. On the way he spotted a RED stocking. He freaked out! Now anything that is RED really freaks him out. Knowing that cats can see RED I was thinking that since the blow dryer is RED, everthing else that is RED freaks him out. I layed him on the RED stocking and pet him. He started purring and he was fine. I hope he is not traumatized for life. Right now he is near a RED school bag and he is fine. Does the color of something noisy stay with them? He reminded me of a bull, since they hate the color RED. Anyone have a clue why he was doing this?
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When Leo was a kit, he had a red mouse that he was crazy about. That was HIS mouse, and he would drop it in the toy basket at night before bed. He only wanted red mice, had no interest in any others.
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That is weird that he would attach a color to a sound and freak out. If you find out why, I'd be interested in knowing!

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I think he was seeing red, so to speak.
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He still hates the blow dryer. I have to hide it before Hercules comes upstairs. He doesn't mind the vacuum or loud heaters, just the RED blow dryer. Strange, but I'm sure Hurk will get over it eventually! Thanks.
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