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I just saw this on the net, it's so hilarious! For those of ya'll who've heard the sentence "It's me or the cat", this is just for you :

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I vote for the cat, hands down . The guy is okay, but the cat is cute !
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I'll take the cat
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My husband laughed as well when I showed him that!
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I think I have seen that before and I laughed just as hard this time! That is so great!
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Very funny - thanks for posting that!
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I'll take the cat! Never want a man that doesn't like cats
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I'm glad I was able to give ya'll a good laugh.

I showed it to my husband when he got home and he was laughing too, heehee.
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Definately take the cat
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That's hilarious I'll take the cat
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Cat looks quite cute- I bet the husband has been trying to live that down since
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