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Look what I won at work!

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I forgot to post this when I first won it, but wanted to share. Every year at the hospital I work at, they have a huge sales product fair. They always have a drawing for really nice prices such as TV's, gift cards, ipods, etc. Well, I go there just to put my name in for the drawings because they give away more than 50 of them and I know it's a slim chance, but if I don't try, I'll never win. Well, imagine my surprise when I got a call that I had won something!

Here is what I won.

I was totally shocked! I never win anything, and if I do, it's not anything this nice. I am still having issues getting my recorder to record to the right channel because I have dish network and I am missing a connection somewhere. Anyone good at electronics?
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WOW, you ROCK!!!!!!!
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WTG, that's a great prize!

You might need to make sure your Video In is where you have your input from your dish plugged in. Then there's probably a Channel Initalization or something for the tuner.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
WTG, that's a great prize!

You might need to make sure your Video In is where you have your input from your dish plugged in. Then there's probably a Channel Initalization or something for the tuner.
Thanks..I hadn't thought of the channel initalization. I tried to go through the setup, but knew something wasn't right because it still had the main dish screen on record and I could not manually input the actual channel so I'm missing something.
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Woot! Congrats! I have a Sony VCR/DVD combo unit too. Not sure of the model though but it looks pretty close to that one. The bottom of mine doesn't have a black bar all the way across, only in the middle 1/3 with the silver on either side.

I don't know anything about hooking up a dish network, sorry You can call the company you have cable through and they can help you over the phone. That's what I had to do for my cable when I got this machine.
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Congrats! That's a fantastic prize! Enjoy it.
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Wow! Way to go!

I don't know if this helps because I don't have a dish... but I know when I wanted to hook up a VCR to record shows (it was all I had and I didn't want to spend money on a DVD recorder yet I'm cheap ) the cable company said I needed to buy an adapter or something from them. I remember it wasn't expensive, but I never got around to buying it so I can't tell you more than that.

But maybe try your dish network website? I found the info for the adapter on my cable site.
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Congratulations! What a nice bit of luck.
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Congrats on your prize , very nice
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Congrats on the prize... I'm the same way... I never win anything cool...

My setup is a little different, as i have cable, a cable DVR box, and a VCR, and all sorts of other c***. Anyway... you may end up needing an RF Modulator (I always say that like Marvin the Martian would). Radio Shack has them... not the cheapest thing for one so small (about $30 last one I bought).

Oh yes... and when I want to tape something on the VCR (barely ever anymore now that i have the DVR box), I set the VCR to 3, and the cable box has a setting for input channels... usually 3 or 4.

That would be my guess as to resolution... I'm a techie-geek, with a penchant for wiring A/V. Back when I still lived at home, my sister would ask to borrow my TV and VCR... I had a 13" TV... I could get it unhooked in my room, carried, hooked back up in her room down the hall in less than two minutes... now, my setup is MUCH more complicated... but I have it sorted out... works perfectly!!

I'm such a dork sometimes...

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Oh! Lucky, lucky! Congrats!

Maybe I need to do my residency at your hospital!! (One of the hospitals that I rotate thru now gives us lunch vouchers $2.10 -- that's the generous hospital, too! )

P.S. We use DVR -- Cablevision's version of TiVo -- so easy to record stuff of TV, and easy to fast forward (so nice to fly thru commercials!! ), pause, etc. and you can save a bunch of shows, select it to record only new episodes (not reruns), etc.
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That's excellent! Congratulations!
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