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Natural Life Brand Wet

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I have Zoey on Nutro Natural Choice dry right now and have no intentions of switching... It's probably the best quality food I have available to me, with the exception of the Internet, but she's extremely healthy, so I'm not exactly eager to switch. I have been feeding her lots of cannned foods (Nutro, Iams, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Special Kitty, Meow Mix, etc), though I am aware that these brands are not exactly the best for her, I don't have alot of choice, except for ordering, and I'm not really willing to do that unless she truly needs it. But the other day I was in Wal-Mart and saw this new brand of wet canned called Natural Life. I picked up two cans and am going to feed her some tonight. These are the first ingredients of both cans.

Natural Life / Lamaderm Feline / Cat Formula:

Lamb, Lamb Broth, Lamb Liver, Kidney, Ground Brown Rice, Peas, Carrots

Natural Life / Chicken & Turkey Platter:

Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Turkey, Ground Rice, Pease, Carrots

I was just curious if any of you have ever heard of this brand of canned food. It appears to be the best canned I have found yet... I tend to feed lots of brands of canned because I think she gets lots of good stuff from even the lower quality brands, because of the variety she gets, and the benefits from each kind of food. But I like the ingredients in here best of anything I have found. (I don't have access to Felidae, Innova, EVO, Wellness, Chicken Soup, or anything like that) What do you think?
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The ingredients look good...and the price is right. My cats tried a can and they weren't terribly impressed but it's not really what they're used to either, so don't let that discourage you. I may give it another try.
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I have so far tried: Fancy Feast, Iams, and Special Kitty. She liked the Special Kitty brand best so far. Tonight I had to finish up her Iams, tomorrow morning we'll start the Natural Life. And yeah, I'm on a budget; for the price the ingredients look good, the best I've seen around this place so far. I may stick with this for her core wet...
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Natural life is a great food for the price in the wet .... and the avail at walmart isnt bad either"_
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I am sooooo glad to hear that from a total feline nutrition expert like you, sharky! Thanks! Yeah, if you buy kitty litter at PetCo, it's $15. At Wal-Mart, it's $10. So you can imagine the dry food is a couple dollars cheaper, and the wet is by about 8 cents. Well I will definitely stock up on the Natural Life, occasionally supplementing with treat-foods like Meow Mix. Thanks again!
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