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am I just being paranoid?

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Stoli and Luxor get boarded tomorrow because the facility is closed to drop offs and pick ups on Sundays. We leave for Vegas on Monday.

Of course I'm feeling a bit down that I have to board them. But today the cats just seem to be acting funny. Luxor has been sunning all day, and stoli has been finding new positions to sleep in on the love seat.

The past couple of days they've slept alot during the day because that's what they do when I'm at school. I'm on summer vacation now and it's weird to see them all day.

Like right now, I think Luxor has dozed or watched bugs since noon. I thought for sure they'd be tearing around the house now. they sure do at 3am!

am I just being paranoid?

I feel like they aren't spending time with me when I really want to before I leave. Can they tell I'm leaving, are they mad already? are they sick?
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You're just feeling guilty. I think the cats are fine, just doing cat things.
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why do i have to feel so guilty!, i've been trying so hard to play with both of them tonight, they are almost looking at me like i've lost my mind.
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It's very very hard to go away and leave cats. They become part of you. Try to relax. They'll be fine and so will you.
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oh my god i'm freaking out inside my body......this is the first time in over a year that i've gone anywhere longer than 14 hours.
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I'm amazed at how much my girls sleep during the day (I'm home all day now as well). They have a few completely wild psycho sessions, usually at a time that drives me nuts, but then they just get into their favourite spots and don't move for hours.

Stumpy lies at the bottom of the scratching post, Lily on the back of the couch and Smudge on the doormat. For hours. All day if it's a hot one.

I think you're just worrying - they'll be absolutely fine
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i'm just here crying again, i'm already missing them and I haven't left them.

what can i do in vegas (other than call the boarder) to make me feel good - *cough* purchase.........
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Go and have a great time. They will be well cared-for! Just remember they are going to be sleeping most of the time anyway.

I know it's hard but it will be fine!
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did any of you go through these panic attacks???
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Well, I've started researching cat boarders in my area, and already I'm very nervous about the prospect, so I can relate. But at the end of the day, you have to realise that you can't simply never go anywhere because of worrying about the kitties. You deserve to go on holiday and have a good time! It's not like you're abandoning them or anything, leaving them with a plate of kibble and saying "they'll be fine for the week". I'm sure you've done your research on the boarding place, and they'll be properly cared for.
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i sure hope so. i just feel so bad about leaving stoli - he needs me! luxor could care less
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Awwww, I am the same way when I leave Trout...The WORST thing I think is her thinking I will never come breaks my heart She is all alone too, so she must be so lonely..I really really hate it..I can totally relate.

They are always fine when we get home, so try not to worry about it and just realize that if there is something wrong with them..the boarding place will call you
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i just realized that they are going to think i'm abandoning them....
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Well, they are at the boarders. Luxor meowed the entire way there, Stoli would hiss at him to shut up. Once we got there, they each got their side of their condo. Luxor fell right asleep in his bed. Stoli got in the bed and just stared all bug-eyed at everyone. No hissing though - that's good for him.

I cried a little on the way home but I think I'll be ok. I'll be so happy to see them when we get back from las vegas. I'll be going to the luxor to buy some souveniers that are 'egyptian mau-ish'
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Your kitties will be fine. I am sure the place that your leaving is wonderful and they will get tons of attention.
As for the daily routine they seem to have, my guys are the same, I generally work 6 days a week and when I am home during the day, they generally nap most of it, or sit in the window and watch the world go by. They do have their own routine and don't adjust it just because mom is home....
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yes, we can't seem to get luxor to understand that NO time is good to meow at 3:30am for food. vacation or not.
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Yeah I agree with the others, your probably just feeling guilty about leaving them, which is making you a bit paranoid. I wouldn't worry too much, most boarding places take great care of the pets the watch.
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It's natural to worry about them, but they'll be fine. And you'll have a lovely phone bill!
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yes i plan on it!
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