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How much did your cat cost?

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Alf cost me ten pounds 6 and a half years ago, but that included him being neutered.

Ronnie cost fifty pounds 2 years ago, but that included her being neutured, chipped, and her first two sets of vaccines.

Both from the RSPCA.

Now that is inflation!
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Our previous cat, Midnight, (deceased) was adopted from a no-kill shelter almost 15 years ago and cost $35.00. This included an initial vet check, all her kitten shots, the cost of having her spayed, and the general cost of keeping her at the shelter for 6 months.

This isn't considered good...Snowball was one of those kittens who are free to a good home. But he got a home with my family and the 11 years he has been with us have all been wonderful!!!!
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Hummm, out of MY cats and not my family cats. Asim and Isha were $80 together. But I think it turned out to be like $130 or something, cause I bought a litter box and some other stuff from the human society too.

All my other fosters and perminates were free.
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Here's what my cats cost...

Twinkles- $10.00 10 years ago
Tigger- $20.00 2 years ago.
Peppurr- $35.00 1 1/2 years ago.
Vader- Free
Mimi- $50.00 1 year ago.
Majesty- Free
Mischief- $10.00 Last year.
Hercules- Free
Xena- Free
Felix- Free
Spaz- Free

In total I paid $125.00 for all my cats!
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Well being that my Bengals are breeders I do not know if they count here.

Alexis $750.00
Lady Luck $1,200.00
Attar $2,500.00
Lady bug $500.00 and a pick kitten back. A pick kitten is about $1,500.00 to $2,500.00

Simon (my Siamese) $150.00
Dixie (DSH) Free

WOW I must be NUTS!
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Peedoodle - free, answered an ad in the paper, he had already been checked out by the vet and I suspect he was owned by people who didnt have time for him. He had been declawed
and neutered.
When we first got him, he was so scared, poor darling, if we offered him 'people food', he would flatten his ears and act as if we were going to hit him. I suspect that whoever had him last hit him if he wanted 'people food'. Now he begs for it (except for meat).

We love him to bits!
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Abbey was free ( she just wandered up)
Anna Bell was $30.00 for adoption.
Seven (whom is no longer with us ) was $5 for adoption fee.
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Cooper was $60.00 from the shelter.....

$60.00 includes adoption, all her shots (her whole life) and her spaying.

I think we got a GREAT deal!
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It's been a while for some, so this requires some thought!

Sunday was free-she was born in my parents' garage
Boo came with our house, so he was free with a very large purchase!
Sassy was about $60 at the shelter and was current on her shots and fixed
Jezebel was about $60 at a different shelter, but we got a $30 rebate on her because we got her fixed at our vet (she was utd on her "baby shots" when we got her)
Punkie was free and gifted us with Karma, Mojo, Nigel, & Redd (Punkie had kittens in a boat in our back yard. We figured that she was homeless and took the bunch in. We intended to find good homes for the kittens, but ended up keeping them.)
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Mystique was a ferel kitten rescue. The rest of her family was killed by racoons shortly after)
Rudy and her sister Brieann (Persians) $500.00 each
Jake free (was $500.00 but had defect.)
Tatum persian $500.00
Drysi $500.00
Hallie $500.00
Star Kept from my litter.

So about $2500.00 not including shipping, shots, spay/neuter, microchipping, registration, food.....
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Cinnamon was around $60, and so was Fluffy. Cinnamon was from a no-kill shelter & Fluffy was from the Humane Society.

I paid $500 for Tigger, and she is considered pet/show quality. Gizmo was $350, and Scooter was $200. He was priced at $250, but the breeder gave me to him for $200, since he is Gizmo's younger brother.
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Socks was a barn kitty, so she was free.
Paisley, and Chloe, "my" outside cats, are strays, so I'm really not sure. Probably free to their stupid owner that saw them as possessions and then got peeved when I fed them.

(Sorry, I'm just a little frustrated with her...lol.)
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Both of my cats were adopted from the Humane Society, three years apart. Squirt was $40, and Joey was $60. That included neutering, and Joey is microchipped.
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Boo was free (not counting spaying, etc)
Tiger and Jorin were $25 each, including first shots. I didn't trust the gal who gave the "shots" so we got them the whole series again.
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Nothing, both were free.
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Honey Boy (now deceased) was $200 (From an Aby breeder)
Milo was $50 but we got that back from the pet shop when we found out he had really bad cat flu so $0.
Popcorn was free (a rescue from the vet)
Coco was 1/2 price at $150 because she was 6 months old and a bit skittish. (Bought from the same breeder as HB.)

But really, if a furbaby was in danger or in need, I'd pay almost anything to make them happy! LOL

Caring for the orphaned and abandoned babies cost about $250 to set up. (formula, bedding, bottles, feeding tubes, syringes, toys, bowls, heating pads, snugglekitty etc). After the initial outlay, they cost next to nothing to care for (except lots of no sleep LOL)
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Opie and Rowdy were $65.00, each from the Humane Society. That included a vet check and "fixing". I should have gotten a discount, for Opie - he was already neutered.

Both dogs were free. I got Ike from my best friend, Katey and my son, Mark, found Pearl in the desert.
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I paid $65 for Sunshine when I got her........ what a deal though, shortly after she unknowlingly gave birth to 5 kittens so I got 6 cats for the price of one! :tounge2: They all subsequently went to loving homes.

Snuggles was free, my brothers cat had kittens and I got suckered into taking one

And Cymone cost me $35 at the local shelter.
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Peeps and Sugey were $99 each bought at the same time.
Excalinur was $120 - all 3 were from a pet store
Merlin was adopted for $50 from a rescue society but we had big vet bills as he was ill when we got him
Striker was adopted thru the vets office who adopt out for the humane society. He was $65, but that included his 1st shots and and 25% off spaying/neutering.
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Fitz was around $90.00. The cost included first shots and the neuter. I got him at PetSearch. It's an organization that takes in strays and has foster homes set up until they're adopted. Someone had found Fitzy under a car in a parking lot. I'm so glad they did, he's my wonderful baby.
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Wow Cindy! Pearl was in the desert?? Poor thing. How did she survive?
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We originally fostered Suki from the RSPCA. We thought we could let her go when it came to the time to do so. We got so attached to her that we kept her. They waved the fee of £20, which included the chips etc.

We think no one wanted her because she's so timid, so they decided to let us have her free. TBH I would have sold my soul to keep her safe, and I still would.
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Balie was UKP300 and Fifi was UKP350. Both bought from breeders.

Ferdy (my ex-stray) had to slip me a fiver to take him on, but since then has cost a fortune in vet bills. Heyho. I don't begrudge him a penny though . . .
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Yola, I'm laughing at the thought of Ferdy wandering around with a fiver clutched in his paw....
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Trent cost $65 at a pet store. He chose us as his people so there was no way I could NOT take him home.

Ophelia was free, except for the cost of materials to repair the hole in our wall. She was trapped in between the walls of our apartment building, so we punched a hole in the wall to get her out.
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Ninja Su was $275.00 from a good friend who was also a breeder.
Scooter was feral so Free
Pokemon was $8.00 from a pet store in Ohio
Tomas was given to me by a friend that had kittens so Free
Belle was feral so Free

I love them all to pieces and wouldn't give them up for a million dollars!

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Kumbulu, Mark thinks that she was living on grasshoppers. She's a champion grasshopper-catcher. Mark says that her backbone and ribs were sticking way out, though. He fattened her up and brought her to Bill and me.
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Great story Heidi - I'm so glad she found a wonderful home.
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Socks and Boo are brother and sister and they were adopted together from the Humane Society. They were free, but we paid a $50 donation (I think) for each of them. And before they would let us adopt them, we had to get them spayed and nuetered, which was about $45 each. In addition to all of that we had to get them tested for worms, FIV, and a few other things and we had to pay for their rabies shots. But, they are all worth it!

I forgot to add that we got them one year ago this week.
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All the cats I have ever had were either strays or "gifts". My pussycat was about 4 weeks old when found in my abandoned dog house.

My Tom was a "barn cat" whose mother had died and his granny was caring for the litter. So they were both orphans.
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