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Update on Oliver!!

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Oliver is doing sooooo much better! He is still on prescription food, but we're mixing it with SD kitten, and he's finally (FINALLY! YAY!) crunching up the dry kibbles and acts like he enjoys them. He has solid kitty poopies--never thought I'd be so excited to see kitty poop in my life!

Last weight was 1.8 lbs...we don't go back for shots until the 3rd week in July, so we'll get a weight then.

He's sooooooo stinking ADORABLE..we love him to pieces, in spite of the fact that he keeps us awake from 3-7 a.m. every morning, clawing at our eyes and ears and biting our toes. I found a kitten-size pink panther stuffed critter this morning and kept re-directing his aggressive play towards it, and he LOVES it. Hopefully we can continue to discourage him from using our body parts as his beloved prey.

Anyway, I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for your advice, support & help in getting Oliver through his rough spell. It just blows my mind that even the vets thought he wasn't going to make it through the night, and now he's so lively and eats like a horse and acts so..HAPPY! Thanks fellow CatSite peeps!

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I'm so happy to hear that little Oliver is doing so well.
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