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Originally Posted by PookieBoy View Post
I just HATE bagless sweepers. That cloud of dirt that walphs up when you empty it and chokes you and enters your lungs in the process. I mean, that CAN'T be healthy, right? I always empty my shop vac outside because the fine particles just mix in with the air around you. I even wear a mask when I empty it! At LEAST the Orek has a bag! So...............which shall I buy (in your opinion)?
That was my worry about a dyson. I put off getting a bagless hoover for years as I had a small bagless one that was very dusty when emptying. But I've found the dyson just isn't like that and I can empty it without choking on a cloud of dust. I think I actually got more dust when changing the bag on my old one.
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Wow, that just floors me. I never had a problem with dust walfting up when I changed the bags on my other bagged sweepers. I just can't imagine the Dyson NOT having dust! Well, I guess I'll just have to go on 'faith' and buy the Dyson. I hope you guy's are right on this!
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I hear doubts about what type of vacuum you need....bag or bagless.
Did you start a thread about the Orek yet?
Or start a thread about vacuums in general.
Ask what kind of vacuums members are using & their opinions about them.
Add a poll with vacuums names...
We love polls and they can be useful.
Although I love my Dyson, tt might not be right for you.

A bagged vacuum can work great depending on your needs.
Cost is also a factor.

I think that further research is needed on your part.
A vacuum in not an inexpensive purchase.
You want to be sure and get the right one for you.
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