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Grrr! Need to vent (rental agency)

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I absolutely can't stand the agency that I rent from!

The building has an intercom system that visitors use to enter the building. They dial your apartment number and you answer the phone and then let them in by pressing the #6 button on your telephone.

In February someone took crazy glue and glued the buttons! It took the agency about 6 weeks before a new one was put in. In the meantime visitors or delivery drivers had to use cell phones to let you know they were downstairs, or you had to make prior arragements to meet the person downstairs at a set time so you could open the door.

My health isn't that great and it's hard for me to go down to the main floor to keep opening the door to visitors or sitting there waiting on delivery drivers, repair people etc. especially when you are given an arrival time of "between 8am and 5pm!"

The agency refused to hire someone to sit down there during the day to open the door for people. It's a security building and IMHO if the security system does not work, then they are responsible for implementing something else in the interim until it is fixed. I told the agency this, but they never hired anyone.

Someone moving into the building in the middle of May used the front door (single door) instead of the back door (double doors) to move in. In the process the door was damaged and would not respond to the signal to open the door. So once again we had to go down to let people in because we couldn't buzz them in. At least this time they could call up and let us know they were here.

For the past 4 weeks I have been hearing complaints from my visitors and delivery people that when I buzz them in they don't hear a "buzz" sound and the door won't open. So I have to go down and open the door. I have homecare visits 3 times per week and I've given keys to the girl's so they can get into the building.

I finally called the caretaker a few days back and complained that the door intercom system wasn't working.

It seems that back in May when the door was fixed, the number to buzz people in changed to #9, but the agency failed to notify the tenants of this!!!!!!!!! The caretaker didn't even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think I would be filing some big complaints with the owners That doesn't seem right to me! You shouldn't be the one in charge of going down there every single time someone comes to see you. They should have got it fixed right away! You have every right to be upset with them right now! I would definitely say SOMETHING!
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That is DEFINITELY annoying and would make me livid too.

What a lot of rental management does not understand is if they are advertising their security, then they need to maintain it. Many people rent for the added security convenience like this one.

When things like this happen, security breaks down. People begin to hand out extra keys to all the people they know and everyone lets in random strangers, or people just leave the door propped open. All of those defeat the purpose of the security originally put into place.

Is your complex a chain of rentals (i.e.they have more than one property) such as Village Green? If so, I would complain to the area manager rather than the immediate management.

You may even want to send them a letter about not paying rent until the door is fixed. Place that into an escrow account and only release it when the door buzzer is fixed.
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Yeah, that is good advice! I definetly wouldn't just blow this off, I would do something!
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Eeep, that would be totally annoying,...I hope they do something about it soon!
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That is horrible. I would request a partial rent rebate for the trouble they have put you through. Bring up to them the issue of you health and if they get dodgy sick them with the Peoples with Disabilities Act!

Or just plain old kick them in the butt!
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How awful!

This is what I would do.
1) Read over my lease carefully.
2) Check online for what the laws states as tenants' rights for the area.
3) Contact a Tenants' Council.
4) Send a formal letter (probably what the Council will say to do) listing all the problems, the dates they occurred, and the dates they were fixed (if fixed). The letter would also state clearly what problems still exist and by where I expect them to be fixed.

If you do all this within the law (leases aren't always lawful), and the problems are not corrected, I would take them to small claims court.

We had an AWFUL landlady in Cambridge, MA who spent our $2800 deposit and didn't want to give it back. (By law she had to put the money a savings account, give us the info about the account, and pay us the interest earned when we left.) She was trying to blame us for everything, including the condition of the 25-year-old bathroom. I did my research on Massachusetts tenant/landlord law and filed a suit. She hired an attorney and we settled the night before going to court! We asked only for our $2800 back, plus court costs but we could have legally sued for three times our deposit amount.

You gotta fight. Good luck!
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