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Cute things.

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What are some of the cutest things you have seen recently??
I bring this up as yesterday I stopped and got a small load of bark mulch at one of my vendors. They have a dairy farm but when I backed the truck up to the mulch pile in one of their storage sheds a sow pig had a litter on Wednesday morning. 13 of the cutest day old pigs just running around by their mama Spotted and solid color ones-there were just so cute!!
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I was at my sisters on the weekend and right behind their back yard is a farmer's field. In the field were a bunch of mommy horsies and their babies frolicking in the grass.

Nearer to home was Kevin and Derek both snuggled up to Gabby giving him love and snuggles and him just lying there and loving it. The grin on D-man's face - he was covered with wisps of fluffy white fur and just kept saying "cat" "cat" and hugging him and smiling.
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Fosters and Norris playing tug-of-war with their little rope toy ALL around the house playing with each other (they do this several times a day and will play for a good 30 minutes doing that)

My coworker's little daughters (she brings them with her sometimes for us to see them) - they are the SWEETEST little girls and just LOVE animals soo much- they're darling!!
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I had a little visit with my friends' week-old son on Tuesday (wait, is he two weeks old? I think he might be ...). Despite being five weeks premature, he's actually quite large (5 lbs, 7 oz at birth, which is more than I weighed at birth and I was a week late!), and he has these long fingers and toes. And he smiles. I know it's probably just gas, but still ...

Last night, while J and I were sitting watching the second-last episode of season six of The Sopranos, Oz was snuggling between us. Spike came along and wanted to sit between us, too ... so he just sat on Oz's head. Oz peered out at us from under Spike's orange fur but couldn't be bothered with getting up. The two of them sat there, like that, for well over an hour, and you could hear them purring the entire time.
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