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Tuesday DT

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Haven't seen a DT started, yet so, what the heck?

I'm finished, with all of my Christmas stuff. I wrapped the last two presents and put them under the tree. The only thing that's unwrapped is the kids' computer. Its just way too bulky.

Only one ornament was off the tree, this morning. Both Opie and Rowdy got spritzed, today. Opie gave up and went to sleep on the couch. Rowdy is a bit more stubborn, though.

Finally, a Krispy Kreme has opened, here. Its way on the other side of town, though. Had to go to my parents' house, to pick up my birthday present so, I made a small detour. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I left some for them and brought the rest home, for Bill and me.

Have a good day.
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This morning, as normal, I opened up the pasture gate so I could haul hay and muck out stalls easier. The horses usually go outside the gate and munch the grass near the barn and hang around until I call them back into the pasture.

However, this morning they came galloping up out of the back pasture and skidded to a stop a few feet from the gate. Nice impressive skids in the mud too. Racer walked with his head down blowing and snorting, got to the opened gate, stopped, backed up pawed the ground, gave an uncertain whinny and more snorts.

Trav was already pacing back and forth nervously- so unlike him, head down snorting and blowing! I am thinking "what the heck?" Neither horse would even venture outside the gate this morning.

What type of critter could visit in the night and leave such a lasting impression? Our watchdog Kenai didn't bark or growl once, and usually if someone or something is on the property she goes off like a roman candle whether she is in the house or outside.

All I know is I have two nervous horses, and I didn't see footprints in the mud or any sign of a critter?

It is finally raining here. It has been so cold lately, to cold to snow even. We are under our average for rain and snow this year, so hopefully this good hard rain will continue.

Also this morning- Taz bought me a new present. I was asleep and all of a sudden something sharp was dropped on my cheek! I woke up to find a blackberry vine, Taz had drug into the house and presented to me! LOL Those thorns hurt! She looked highly insulted when I pitched the vine in the trashcan.
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I just went out to buy gift certificates for my student workers from this wonderful little pizza place. Of course, since I was there already I just had to get some pizza for myself. Yumm! What a nice change from the Budget Gourmet frozen dinners I usually have for lunch.

It is cold and rainy today. The ferals didn't come for breakfast this morning. I guess they decided to stay curled up in their warm nest instead. Can't say that I blame them.
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It must be the new condo, Renae! Thick shag carpeting, jacuzzi and spa, room service - why would they want to leave?

Mary Anne, it must be the ghost of Christmas Past. :tounge2:

Thanksgiving, Magic and Tuxedo seemed just fine this morning, so I guess they made it OK without fluffy Julius around. It was ZERO degrees here last night - and the temperature reader hangs out a window up next to the RV, which probably gives us warmer readings than it actually is. It was COLD!!!!!

Ghyslaine - I read yesterday's thread. I sure hope you're feeling better. It must've been the empty stomach - and Vodka almost always made me sick. Alcohol makes Gary get violently ill and gives him migraines, so we no longer drink. I don't miss it.

Cindy - congrats! I still have to do almost ALL our Christmas shopping. Although this year it isn't much, as the "main" present to most of our family and friends is donations to Feral-to-Friendly Felines in their names. Need to get stuff for co-workers. Still need to finish my Secret Santa stuff - but I'm doing that tomorrow in NYC (We have to head in).

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It has gotten so cold in the UK this week - wind straight from Russia (-7 with wind chill today). We are expecting snow towards the end of the week.

I went Xmas shopping this evening after work, and ended up buying a pressie for myself - twenty pounds on some Clinique eye cream. I promise I will wrap it up and save it for Xmas day (honest).

I'm posting my secret Santa tomorrow - enough time to get where it needs to go.

Hope everyone is having a good day
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I'm nursing a nice deep bite wound on my hand today. The neighbor's dog decided to take a taste of it. This is why I like cats and not dogs! My poor hand is all swollen.

Hissy, that is quite odd that your horses were so hesitant this morning. I can remember mine being that way every once in a while, but at that time my neighbor kept a mountain lion as a 'pet' and if the wind blew just right the horses could smell her.

I have all my Christmas shopping done, but it still seems like Christmas is sneaking up WAY too fast this year!!! I'm just not prepared, and I really need to find some of that Christmas spirit! I'm such a grump lately!

Have a good day, everyone!!!
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Jin I hope you went to the doctors? Dog bites are nasty business! Feel better soon!
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I'm almost done with my Xmas shopping. I have my grandpa left and I have to get a few more things for hubby and my coworker.

Its about 45 degrees here, so I'm enjoying the warm weather.

I have class tonight-we're reviewing everything from the class to get ready for the final on Thurs.

I start physical therapy next week for the pain I've been having in my butt and leg. Hopefully, that will help and my pain will go away.
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Hissy, I went to my vet, does that count???

I had to stop by there this morning anyway, so I had her look at it. She, of course, told me to go to the doctor, but said that she thought it was just soft tissue damage and as long as it didn't get infected I should be okay. It feels a lot better today than when it happened last night, and it's not hot or red, so that's a plus. I'm just going to keep an eye on it.

EDIT: I want to add the reason I don't want to go to the Dr. is that the town ordinance where I'm at requires a dog that bites unprovoked to be immediately put down! I don't want the dog to die!
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I so understand about needing to find that Christmas Spirit. I just can't get in the mood for it. Of course, that could be because we are so broke there is almost no money for prezzies. That's one of my biggest joys of the season - finding that perfect gift for each person on my list. This year I don't get to do that at all. This year it's find something really cheap that doesn't look really cheap. I don't even have the tree decorated yet. Put it up this weekend, but didn't get around to decorating it. I won't have any help, at least not without us fighting about one thing or another. That's how things are lately. He says it's him, not me, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Whatever, I just don't really even care about Christmas this year, and it's normally my favorite time of year. *sigh* I do at least have the Christmas prezzies for the kitties bought, though. That's a plus.

Jin, you take care of that hand. I understand you not wanting to go to the Dr. with that ordinance. Yipes! In some cases I understand putting a biting dog down, but that seems a bit excessive!
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Heidi - I know what you mean. We're short this year too. It's really a bummer! I daren't go near a mall or I'll spend what I don't have, and I'll owe (credit cards) that I can't pay. So apart from our new involvement with cats, that's one of the reasons we're just giving donations this year. I'm actually kind of glad the family's not getting together this year, it makes it easier to be broke. But it also adds to that - not feeling in the holiday spirit.

Jin - bummer of an ordinance! One would think they'd give an animal at least one chance. Keep an eye on that hand.

Spooky - good luck with the therapy. Gary's been making good progress with his back with physical therapy. Hope it works for you!
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Well I was off work again today as i still felt so weak from this nasty Norwalk virus. Poor hubby has it now (not as bad as I did, but is complaining more). I have now lost about 8 pounds in less then 3 days! I am so ready to be healthy again, but I feel it may take a while to get my strength back. I have barely started my Christmas shopping and I don't know when or if it will get done. No decorations are up and chances are the tree won't even be put up this year because we don't want sugie to stress out and use the house as her bathroom!

Ok - enough of me depressing everyone! Hope you are having a good day!
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Ick!! You have the Norwalk Virus!!! Poor Ady!

I was watching the news last night and that virus has closed down 7 major hospital emergency wards within the Toronto area. They say it's not life threatening, you just have to survive 2 days of *throwing up* and not being able to keep anything down.

Try to keep your liquids up Ady. That's the most important!

(((((Sending healing vibes)))))
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well, today was day 2 of my certification course. Between having Sam & Deidre & Kenneth staying in our living room, trying to get my certification and little sleep this weekend, it's been pretty hectic. And to top it off, today I'm sick. headache all day, then queasy and weak this afternoon. I came home and went straight to bed, I just got up to make some chicken noodle soup and try to study. I actually have the house to myself for a bit, everyone else's out at McMenamins.
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