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New Kitten? Need Input

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Oh boy, here we go! A woman at work posted on email that she has kittens that need a home. So, naturally, I inquire, and she has an orange male. As we all know, I'm a sucker for orange cats, so I was considering taking the baby.

Now as I think this over, I am not so sure if I should be bringing another baby in on the heels of moving. Will that be too traumatic for my guys? I am concerned especially for Squirt, who is not the world's best adjuster.

I'd appreciate some feedback.

Thanks everybody.
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If you want one, I'd do it. You never know how your cats will adjust til you try. All of my cats get along with my kittens except the oldest male. I figured 3 out of 4 was not too bad and I'm hoping he'll come around once they are around each other more. I don't think your cats will worry about their heirarchy being affected by a kitten. ;-)
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I have no personal experience with what you are asking about, but my unprofessional opinion is GO FOR IT! :flash:
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If you really want this baby, I would do it now while the cats are in their own house. You can use the seperation method at first. I know you still have to paint, so I am sure its going to be at least a week before they all come over. 1 to 2 weeks should be enough time to get everyone friendly before the move.
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Thanks everybody. I decided against the adoption. The kittens are too young to take now (only 5 weeks). So I decided it would be way to traumatic for Squirt to have 2 major changes at once. (My friend who knows Squirt very well agrees with me). Then, I found out that the kitty in question is a female, and I wanted a male. Maybe over the summer after we've all had time to adjust.....
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Deb....I am also taking on another baby .....I know that my two will eventually get along with him/her. It will take time but I think that taking a kitten into a home where the cats are already grown then it is easier in my opinion as the kitten always seems totally fearless.

If you do decide later on to take on another then great. When I brought Jake into my flat when I already had Bagpuss 1 year(Jake was only 5 weeks when I got him) I showed Bagpuss that I still loved her and she is still my number 1 gal by giving her loads of loving. I also stroked Jake and then went directly over to Bagpuss and let her smell and then I stoked her. eventually after a few days of having separated the food bowls I actually put the bowls right next to each other. Jake stuffed like a pig while Bagpuss crepped over the the bowl and eventually ate. They get on like Mother and Son now.

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