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Help my boys are peeing on their cat tower...

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HI Group:
I am having problems with my boys peeing on or near their cat tower. Do you know of any way to nip that in the butt? They have never done this before. I have a product called petastic, and it works great to take out the smell of urine and poo. But I hate to keep on having to spray it down every time I turn around. They both just turned 2 years old this past may. Is it normal for them to start marking their area? Even when they are neutered? They have had a few changes in the house. That is the only reason why I could think of that they would start doing this. I started up a dog rescue out of my home. I only have two extra dogs at a time. And they have taken it well since they have been raised with dogs. And they only started this just this week, and we haven’t had any rescue dogs in the house for the past two weeks. Because I went on vacation. Please if you know of any way to stop this let me know. God bless

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Since they are neutered and they are 2 years old, I would consider a medical reason as to why they are doing this. Have they been to the vet recently? They may need to be checked out for a UTI or crystals. What you feed them can play a huge factor on them possibly having those two things, also the added stress in the house might as well.

Plus, if the cleaner is getting the smell out for you, it may not be strong enough to get the smell out for them and they will keep coming back to the same spot. If they keep going in the same place, I would try a different cleaner maybe?
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After ruling out the medical reason...I would try feliway plugs in the home to calm them and stop them from marking. I have one cat that is indoor/outdoor and I think he would forget when he was in the house and he would spray...one month after having the feliway plugged in he has stopped
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Another vote for a vet visit. It could just be that one of them has a (medical) bladder issue, but the other(s) are responding to the scent of the urine. But without knowing which one, it would be best to get them both checked. A urinalysis is a simple, usually inexpensive test to rule out those problems.

Stress is a big trigger for UTIs, and your vacation plus the dog issues could have been more than they wanted to deal with.

I'm a big fan of a Feliway-type spray called "No Mark". It works on the same principle as Feliway, for a very small fraction of the price. They have it at Petsmart, $9.99 for 16oz. It worked for me!!!!

Of course like you mentioned, you have to eliminate the smell of urine first.
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