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How to avoid breeding to early?

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I like to hear if anyone can help me how to avoid that my male and female will breed before I like them to?

He is 8 month old and she is 7 month old. I will not breed here onto she is 1½ years old. How does I prevent them from breeding best?

I can not give here contraceptive pill before she has a heat and I am afraid that the male will mate here. Can I give him a shot contraceptive fluid. I have heard some have done that with success?

I hope I have another solution that just keeping them away from each other because they have so good time together. Any solution? What do you do?
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I just seperate my kitties when the girls are in heat. Wha kind of kitties do you have?
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Hi, it is persian!

Are you not afreid of missing the heat before your male?
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to accept the male.Usually the female will become very friendly and wat constant attention. After a few days she will arch her rump into the air and stomp her back legs. At this point she is ready to mate. Sometimes even at this point she will swat the male and chase him off.
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I have a appointment with my vet As I se what you say is that I will notice before they will mate. I have had female before and knows how they do, I was just afraid that the male will find out before me I will calm down now, and always monitor her!!!

I just love you kitten Nice page you have!
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I have a 7 month old male and 2 queens one is 5 months and the other is 7 months. I have them in different rooms so we do not worry. My male is ready right now. I think my 5 month old is in season too. So I keep the male in my bathroom and the grils run the house. We bring out the male at night and put the queens in the bathroom at night so he does not feel less loved. As far as I know this is the best way to do this.
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Wow isn't they so early in heat because of the breed, Persian is more immature I think!

I have to amid, if I have to live with my cats locked up in one room I will rater spay him) I have to se what happens...
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Siamese can go into season early too. About 5 months of age. I can't stand to have them in one room but it is for the best. Some breeders build outside runs for there male cats too.
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You have a interesting question. I raise both Persian and Bengals. Though I admit I am very much a novice at Bengals yet.

Persians are very late, in delveloping. Please consider holding off until she reaches the age of 1 1/2 yo and then evaluate. Some lines develop on time some dont. If she is not ready, and you breed. You possibly will ruin her by scaring her so she will never birth live kittens (to skittish) or they die because she rushes or has bonding issues.

In that time learn everything possible about the breed of your choise. Even before I breed in that cycle I take my male in and my girl to be checked for the best possible health.

Also learn about genetics. Both the breeds you mention have such rich information. And can be brought forth for a better cat. That is why we breed to better our lines and the breed itself. There are too many unwanted kittens already. I have some adorable kittens that I have brought in, and by breeding age they have changed enough that I decide not to breed because of the faults I see. Disappointed..major. But my name is on that pedegree, and I want a better looking cat than their parents but I am not willing to chance getting a whole lot of pets either.

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I hope you are not thinking I am breeding my cats at 5 months old. I am not sure who this post is directed too? I have been told by several breeders who have years of breeding behind them that it is 3 cycles or 1 year of age. I like to wait until 1 year of age or a little longer. If you wait to many cycles you can end up with a queen with Pyometria.
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either if you mean me Patty. I will not breed here before she is at least 1½ years old, IF I will breed her at all. Both cats have to be tested free of several viruses and PKD, been shown finish and then I want homes to them. Their is enough cats/kitten I know, I only will breed for better the breed, I do live in a country where we have not so much a problem with unwanted cats as you have in USA. I live in Europe, but we also have the problem and have to consider it good before breeding, as I think all does!
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Sorry if I offended either one of you. Wasn't directed at either one it was pretty much my speel on breeding to anyone.

I wish I lived in a area that didnt have a overpopulation of kittens. No matter the color or breed or mixture of breed.

Thank you for understanding~~~~~~

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We know you are speaking from your heart!
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I appreciated you opinion, wish all were so considering as you
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Nope no offened. Just wondering. Sorry I did not mean anything.
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HI, Exotic_Katz

I hate to burst your bubble, but things will not work out as you plan, no matter what you do. LOL.
My pedigree cat breeding experience is only getting into it's second yr, but I'm warning you it doesn't turn out as you want.
The above post about breeding at age one or so, is good advice if you really want a breedable cat. I've heard tons of stories of ruined queens whose owner's waited too long. If you really don't care about breeding, and it doesn't matter if you have to spay your queen, then by all means wait a couple years, and determine if she is perfect.
You have no idea if your male will be able to perform, or if he will ever figure it out. I've got one male, that is a dud. Just how many males do you want to buy, to get one that knows what is going on ????
Don't ever kid yourself that you'll catch your queen coming into heat, soon enough to separate her from the male. If you do not want kittens, do not allow the 2 cats together, period. I had one girl, almost one, who did not do any calling, only a little friendlier than normal. Her intended mate ignored her, in front of me. Well I ended up with kittens 9 wks later.
So you big concern is having homes for your kittens. That looks nice on paper, but the reality is purebreed kittens are fairly easy to sell. The biggest concern or maybe the biggest worry you should have, is keeping kittens healthy until they are ready to leave your home.
You can have fleas that not even your vet notices at a well kitten check. It can cost hundreds to get rid of them, and weeks of time. You can have ear mites, which may be agonizeing to clear up. You can have perfect looking kittens, downpayments in your hand, and all of a sudden they seem to be sleeping a lot. Kitties pick up upper respiratoy problems vary easily. You can do everything right, and they still catch something. You can plan on dropping a couple hundred dollars everytime you walk in the vets door.
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Hi bluekat

I totally agree with you. I have spent so much money at the vet for check ups ect. The fleas I have my cats on Program all year this can be very costly. But if you are going to breed you must be ready for everything and anything. Breeders who say oh that won't happen or that has never happened to me. Is lying or is new at breeding.
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bluekat, for you input, nothing new about what you say, but very important) I agree with you, I have breeded dogs for many year now so I know nothing turns out like we plans....

Hope I have not give you an impression that I am totally wacky wacky))
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