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Changing my schedule, what about my cat??

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Hi Everyone

I had a question about a concern that I have regaurding my cat.

I have a 14 yr. tuxedo, who takes meds 2 times a day for hyperthyroidism.
She is a good girl very affectionate Right now my work schedule allows me to be home on Tues. Wed. and Fri. I work in the after noon on Tues, and wed. so someone is always home when I leave anyways. Mon. and Thurs. I work. all day 8-4

Well just yesterday I was offered a new job at a new place.... the hours are 5 days a week 9-6:60pm...so I will not be home during the day on the week anymore.
I won't be starting this new job for a few weeks as I have to give my 2 week notice at Walgreens, bwhat about when i do start and when the kids go back to school at the end of August.

I don't want her to get depressed I can't get her a friend either she is such a one cat househould little girl

Anyway, I was just curious if any of you had any suggestions, wise words or anything like that, I think she is used to having me around.

I will say this, whent the kids are in school and i work all day on and Thur. she seems to do fine, but soon it will be 5 days a week.
Thanks for listening.
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I hate that no one has replied yet, but I think your cat will probably be OK. She will probably just sleep when you are not home, and want you to spend all of your awake home time with her. My schedule changes all of the time, and my kitties seem to adjust.
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I work in a school, so I work 5 days a week for most of the year, then have 2 months off. They adjust. And I think they sleep most of the day anyway. Just make time for lots of attention when you are home.
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I agree, your kitty will adjust to the new schedule. Like everyone's said, she will sleep while you are gone. Give her lots of quality time when you are home and she'll be just fine.
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Yup, I work 9-5 all week, and Trout is an only kitty...she takes a big stretch when I get home so I guess she just sleeps all day
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She will be fine. I you think she may not like being alone for that long, maybe leave the tv or radio on so the house won't be silent. I always leave the tv on the our cats I know, I'm the crazy cat lady!
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I leave the TV on, too Since she is an older kitty, I think she will be fine. She may be confused a bit at first but as long as you form a new routine she will adjust. Congratulations on the new job! Let us know how it goes with the schedule
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