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Oriental cat refuses to go outside

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I have 2 oriental blue cats - a boy (Freddie) and a girl (Ripley). They are almost 2, and from the same litter (both fixed).

They have always been indoor-only cats. However, sometime we let them go into the garden - we have a very small English garden with high fences. They are supervised at all times.

Freddie absolutely loves going outside. He struts about, chews on grass, chases bugs etc.

Ripley, however, absolutely hates it. If the back door is open she will sit just inside the door watching Freddie. If I am outside and I approach the back door, she will run upstairs. If I carry her outside, she will do that awful loud 'scared' cry until she's allowed to go back in!

I know some cats are perfectly happy indoors. But I would like for Ripley to be more comfortable outside, less scared, she would get some exercise etc. Is there anything I can do to coax her outside? Or should I let sleeping kitties lie?
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I would just let her be an inside kitty. It sounds like she doesn't want to go outside. Forcing it will just scare her.
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Thanks for the reply littleraven. She definitely doesn't want to go outside! I guess I feel like she is 'missing out' but she certainly doesn't agree! I don't want to scare her, so I'll just let her watch her brother, she seems to enjoy that.
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My cat likes to go outside sometimes, but his favorite thing seems to be to sit in the open doorway, like yours. I think they enjoy the breeze and watching the world go by.
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my siamese was like that to for the longest time he never stepped outside if he did it would be 2 feet then BOOM run back in the house.

I Really think its a siamese/oriental thing

Eventually when shes ready she will come around and go out but it may take years
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