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1 or 2 need help!!!!!!

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My best friend ( sterling ) passed about a month ago
He was a great kittycat, now I am ready to get another or two.
I am up in there air on getting 2 kittens, does anyone have any advice, during the day no one is home, I thought 2 would keep themselves busy, also do they get jealous with each other, do they need separate litter boxes, and will the vet bills be alot,
I like to get long hair, possibly maine coons,
thanks for any input.
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Two kitties are always better than one- but they are more work, more costly to feed and vet. You should have 3 litterboxes for 2 kitties, and if you have concerns now about not being able to afford the vet bills on two then you should really only get one.

There are plenty of long-haired kittens and cats in the shelters right now. Some shelters simply put an adoption freeze in effect during the holidays to stop folks from giving cats away as Christmas gifts. An older cat would need the home more than a kitten- as kittens are easier to adopt out. But if you are set on Maine Coons I would contact a Maine Coon Rescue facility and go from there.
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Oh I agree, go with the shelter all the way! All my animals come that way. Hheehhe.

I used to have a Maine Coon mix. Black cat, very cute.
This shelter is in Rochester, NY they have a few long haired black cats right now, and one persian.

GRASP. inc

This human society has a bunch of long haired kittens and adults right now of various colors. I like the 4 year old orange baby, what a looker!

Humane Society of Wayne County
1475 County House Rd.

Lyons, NY 14489
Phone: 315-946-3389

Ther are a lot of Maine Coon rescues out there, you can even find a bunch on www.petfinder.org Make sure you study the breed before you get one.
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I guess i should have not even asked about the vet bills
because money is no object for something I love,
but anyway why 3 litter boxes for 2 cats? I would think 2 at most.
My kitty that passed, had the best life a cat could ask for..
also he listened to every command said to him,, will I be able to train an older cat. as opposed to a kitten from start. if I decide that is the way to go. What I meen by training is, sit,speek,stay,laydown, get down, no, and all the commands, This
is exactly what my sterling was taught, i know no other cat will replace him, but i had fun training him and learning, was he just special or are other cats that trainable, he was my first kitty'
What do i need to know about a maine coon, than any other cat,, its a cat right'''' you can see what i can teach them..
If I can save an older cat maybe i will do that..
thank you for the input,,
unreal how we miss are kitty, we did not think it would be so hard..

sorry about the spelling.
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Well cats are trainable, though I am of the belief that they are not dogs and should not be expected to react like a dog. I know of a lady who does wonderful work in clicker training older shelter cats. If you like, I will look up her website and post it for you.

I have 14 cats and the extent of their training is they don't scratch up our furniture, they don't jump on the counters and they use their litterpans for business.

When you have two cats right off the bat together- three pans are preferable until they get used to each other and their new situation. One to pee in, one to poop in (cats prefer to keep these two functions separate) and one in case one of the cats decides it's to much to share a box and wants his or her own. I just have always followed this thinking and have never had a problem with litter box manners in any cat that comes here.

At any rate, with the amount of cats out there so badly in need of a home, you could make two of them very happy now and have loyal companions for life.
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While I don't have as much experience with cats as Hissy does...

I recommend getting two cats/kittens. They do seem to entertain themselves, and I feel less guilt at leaving them alone while I go off to earn the kitty kibble.

I have two litter boxes, and have not had any problems, but my cats are sisters, and have been litter mates since birth, I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but I think it might help. When they were small I had only one, but the addition of the second in my new apartment has made a difference, and believe it or not, litter box clean-up is easier .

Vet bills are more expensive, but there is always pet insurance, and quite honestly, I think it is worth the expense. They get a playmate, and I get a piece of mind. My pocket book may suffer for it, but my heart is full .

Thats just my take .
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Here is the clicker training site if anyone is interested

Clicker Training
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I wish the big orange fellow weren't so far away! I want him! He reminds me so much of my dear Leo, and i just love big orange boy kitties! The bigger the better! He is SO beautiful! I cried like a big baby when I saw that picture.
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While I also don't know nearly as much about cats as Hissy, I would definitely recommend more than one kitty if you can afford it. We have nine, and I can't imagine not having my "herd" of cats. =^..^= Although they all get along reasonably well, the 5 that are a mother cat and her kittens are especially close. So, if you can find a pair that are siblings or have been together for a while, I would say that would definitely be the way to go. Also, some of my guys were taken in as adults (notably the mama cat, Punkie), and they have fit right in. Odd as this may sound, those that were homeless seem to be very grateful for their home and are the most easygoing of the lot.
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Yes, that orange boy is FANTABULOUS!
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I thought I'd check that website and they've got the most adorable kitties at their shelter! Since you were thinking about getting 2 cats...they've got lots of cats with siblings. My favorites on that site are Dot and Pinky. They are 13 week old TWINS! The only difference in them are that Pinky has a pink nose and Dot as a gray dot on his nose...hence the names! LOL! Also on there is siblings Merlin and Molly who are 9 weeks old...they are really cute too! And there is a sweet little boy on there...he's got a face of an Angel! His name is Downey...very adorable little guy!
Just thought I'd share this info with you...
Best of luck in your search for a new addition to your family!
p.s...I'm sorry to hear about your Sterling baby.
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