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I noticed something strange with my Vinny's left eye this morning. He won't open it all the way...when you look at him from far away it's almost open the whole way, but when I try to pick him up or get closer to him to look at it, he closes it completely but keeps his right eye open. He blinks it a lot (without blinking the right eye), but when I gently pull his eyelids back to look at his eye, nothing seems wrong. I can't see his 3rd eyelid, there's no hair on his eye, and it's not overly watery. His pupil remains the same size in both eyes, so it's not like it's dilated in one and not in the other. It's just odd that he's doing this. Has anyone ever seen this happen before? I'm not going to rush him to the vet today because every time I do that they tell me everything's fine and send me home, but if it's still like this tomorrow I'll take him in. I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas of what could be wrong or if it's ever happened to their cats. He doesn't go outside, so I know he didn't get in a fight with a stray, and he could have gotten in a play fight with Sherman, but Vinny's older and doesn't usually "play" much, so I dunno... But thanks in advance!