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New House - Cat Crying - HELP PLS!!!

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Hi Guys,

This is my first post so some help would be great.

We have just had to move house for 2 months due to building work and obviously we have brought our cat, Rio, with us. She is just over 2 and a loves hanging around the house but occasionally she loves to go out and have a bit of fun. We have cat flaps at home and at our new place.

Anyway since we moved in to the new house we immediately let her out - mistake I know - but for the first week she seemed fine, always out and never in.

Just as I realized that this was because she wasn’t used to the new place yet and didn’t like it, she disappeared!!!

We were absolutely distraught and after 12hrs of not seeing she took to the streets looking everywhere. After 24hrs we plastered the street in posters and 2 hrs later someone saw the poster and the cat at the end of their garden and put 2 and 2 together and called us - Thank God!

We then kept her inside for about 5 days and she now seems totally fine with the flat but is DESPERATE to go out and cry’s and moans that we don’t let her. I let her out today for 30 mins and the moment my back was turned she was off in to other peoples gardens so I called her back and locked her in - more yelling!

Does anyone have any advice???

Is it better to put up with her crying and not let her out (but make her sad) or is it better to risk it for 1hr at a time? (The danger being she gets lost again).



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PLEASE do not let her out again without a harness and leash (and her trained to it) again. She will escape, and you won't be so lucky next time.

My suggestion is not to give in to the crying. It'll be kind of constant for a while, just do your best to ignore it, and she'll eventually stop. Don't give her attention when she cries, act like she doesn't exist. When she stops complaining, give her a little treat, play a bit, pet her, etc.

After a month or so, then re-visit the subject of letting her out again. If you live in a city or a suburb, I personally would not--but it's an individual decision.

Right now, you can work on getting her used to a harness and a lead, and when she's good on it you can get a flexi lead and have her outside with you.

Welcome to TCS!
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Thanks a great help, thank you.

Thats it - shes in and staying in until we move back to our house.

Thanks again,


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