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My kitten Parker is 5 months old. He is drinking the water out of the bottom of the Xmas tree. Is this OK? In the process he is getting tree sap in his fur on the top of his head. Is there any safe way of getting pine tree sap out of his fur?
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Christmas Tips
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Hi Parker-

You can use Crisco shortening to get the sap out. Just take a small amount of shortening and smear it on the sappy part of the kitty. Let it sit for about five minutes and then use a paper towel and wipe it off. Comes right out. Try putting a big bowl of water for your cat near the tree. Drop a few toys in the bowl to get his attention. You can also cover the tree stand with aluminum foil to keep him out of the water.
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Hi Parker! That's my dog's name!!

No drinking Christmas tree water! Not good for ya! Go with the foil suggestion!
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The only other thing I can suggest Stephanie is to restrict him from the room if the foil doesn't work.
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