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Rowen just..looks weird.

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My cat Rowena Ravenclaw is the weirdest looking cat I've seen. I found her about five or six months ago. She was just a baby, and starving, not to mention cold as it was snowing here. She's alot bigger now.

her stomach if very thin over her hips and just past her ribs is very very round. she looks like she's swinging her hips when she walks. and she has very large nipples. I noticed it when i rubbed her belly the other day.

is she just funny looking, or is there something I should be looking for that I'm missing?
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Has she had a vet check since you found her?
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I'll second Rosiemac's question...and is Rowena spayed?
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sadly, I've not been able to get her to see a vet. We don't have the extra money, and I know that the bill is going to be horrible. Plus the lovely hour and a half drive.
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The round stomach and the large nipples sounds pregnant to me.
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Are there no clinics that would do payment plans either I hope she isn't pregnant
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And she could have worms - how is her appetite?
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her appetite is fine. she eats well, but not too much. I gave her a kitten safe wormer when i found her, and her stool didn't have anything odd with it.

and yeah..her being pregnant wouldn't be the best in the world >< The only vet office within 30 minutes here is for farm animals only. Horses cows, etc.
I don't know anywhere that offers payment plans. I'm going to be working at the local animal shelter soon, and they might know somewhere. -_-
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A cat can have worms without you seeing them in the stool. Also, sometimes multiple dewormings are necessary, and certain types of worms respond only to certain medicines.

But it's hard to know if it's that or a pregnancy without a vet.
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