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Your first memory?

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My first memory: I am sitting in a big field of green grass with daises all around and a large, old gray silo in the distance. I feel I am a happy, content little girl.

That memory has been with me all my life. About five years ago, I mentioned it to my mother. She thought on it for a long time, then explained that we had never ever lived any place like that. From my details, she pinpointed I was 3 years old and the place was my grandmothers old shack of a house in Missouri. The silo was real but the grass was probably an overworked, barren field and the daisies were dandelions. Makes sense since I loved those weeds as a child. I probably thought of them as daisies.

This little memory has helped me through some tough times and it is still precious even though I know the truth

To this day, when I see the Ann Geddes print of the little chubby red-haired baby in daisies, I think of the little one I used to be.

What is your first memory?
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err, hmm, the first memory i can remember is a airfield, years later i know what the planes there where, so i thought it a air show or museum,
i kept askign my mother about that , but she always told me we had never been to any such place.
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Picking out my cat Kitty-Cat when I was three.
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Mine's kind of sad.... my first real vivid memory of an event was when we found out dad had died. I'd just turned 4, and I remember everyone crying and being upset, and me not crying because I didn't really understand and trying to tell my mum it'd be ok.

I also have vague memories of things like dad dancing around in the morning getting ready for work wearing just socks and undies I also have a memory of him and mum trying to get me to take medicine and dad holding me down while mum forced my mouth open and the medicine down my throat So I guess I would have been 3 then.
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I was around 2 and I remember a bunch of people sitting around the table and a cake in front of me with candles...and me crying. It was my bday party.
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My first memory is my Christening day. I remember my mom dressing me up in a frilly dress that was miles to big, and laying there as all these people with big heads and faces leaned over and looked at me! I was only about 5 or 6 months old.
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I'm not sure which is my first memory, but I remember sitting in the livingroom on the floor watching the television at our old house in Northfield the day JFK was murdered and also watching the Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show at that same house. We moved from that house when I was four years old, but I have loads of memories from that time. I wasn't quite three years old yet when JFK died.
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Sitting on the stairs and seeing a man outside the front door, (although my mother couldnt see it) I still remember it to this day and i was about 2 years old.
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My first memory is of some stranger changing my diaper. I can describe the room I was in and the bed they layed me on to change me. My mom says I was about 9 months old.
The second memory that stands on a little more, I was around a year and a half old. I remember standing up and holding on to the edge of a couch and reaching out to pet a dog. My mom tells me that it was the dog they had when I was a baby, that was the only time I ever got to pet her because they kept her outside all the time before that and they sent her to the shelter shortly after that.
Then I really don't remember much until I was about 4 years old.
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I was laying on my back on a changing table and my parents were dancing and singing around me.
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My first memory was my house burning down. Well, I remember going to the movies (Popeye), coming back with fire trucks all around. Our house was gone. My mom put her head on the steering wheel and started crying.
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My grandpa playing his guitar and singing. We each had our own special song that he would sing to us. He died when I was four.
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Had to have been a year or younger. We were leaving the house and I'm in Mom's arms. I am fighting her because she wants a blanket over my head (it must have been cold) and I keep throwing it off. I wanted to see, dangit!
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I remember getting lost at the Ontario Science centre - I was about 4. Scary!
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I'm not sure what I remember, and what was told to me. But, I do remember the linoleum in the bathroom in our old house (we moved when I was 3). It had pentagons with burgandy dots on the edges of each on...I remember counting them while I did my business. I also remember puking oscar mayer balonga all over my dad's pillow one night (he was working the cat eye shift). Mom was NOT impressed. And, our next door neighbor was an elderly woman...I remember standing outside her window talking to her and she asked if I wanted a cookie. She had the best cookies, and her table cloth had daisies on it.
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Mu first memory was when I was in a crib, I remember sneaking out of my crib onto the floor and I saw this clown toy that scared me and I started crying, and my parents came into my room and picked me up haha
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After reading these replies, I just remembered an earlier memory!

I remember being in my crib, bored, while my mother had a nap. I believe this happened a lot - she loved her naps and I was definitely NOT a sleeper.
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