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Getting new tattoo tomarrow

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Just dont know what yet...see the one I want I cant get because its to much, and my SIL and brother are paying for it for graduation...the thing I dont get is that I get a $60 limit mind u they were going to pay to take me on vacation with them and I couldnt go because of my mom but they came back 3 days early anywho The one I wanted was like $120 but because my SIL's is $60 mine has to be and the place we are going is expensive! SO now I have some ideas, but I just cant decide

I want cherry's but idk but then like my mom said I have always loved stars and the moon, and on top of that my sil wants me to get it on my neck like her I just dont really wanna get one on my neck because I have finally got my hair long and well I love having it down because its finally long (took me a few years to grow it back since I cut it short, and then bad hair cutting shops that always messed up and took more than I said)

But tomarrow is the day, I also have to work around my moms and mine doctors appointment at 2 So tomarrow will be interesting
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From the heart, don't get something you are questioning in any way, don't get one if you aren't sure, and definitely don't put a price on your first artistic representation of you in which you are going to significantly relate to the rest of your life! I wouldn't suggest the neck, arms, legs, for first. Believe me, from experience........if you are going to get something small anyway, get it in a intimate area, even on the hottest day it wouldn't be exposed.......I say this from experience! I am 36 and live in NYC, it does matter.........nothing should come between defining yourself and the world, but the world doesn't necessarily need to know right away!
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if you want a tattoo that fine,
but wait until you hvae the money and a better idea of what you want.
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All of it.

Tattoos are never something to get when you are unsure. I've spent years pondering every detail of my next piece because I know it will be there forever and based on that alone, it should be perfect.

The two main rules of tattooing:

1. Don't bicker over price. You will get what you pay for. The cheapest I've ever seen any artist work for is $100/hr with a minimum fee of $40-$50 to cover shop costs. And considering you will have it forever, no matter what you pay will come down to pennies over the span of your life. It is NOT worth getting a cheaper tattoo because thats all you can afford at the moment. This is something you save for, not bargain hunt.

2. Never, ever, ever, ever (ever ever ever) get anything tattooed on you unless you are 1000% positive that you love it.
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Exactly all of the above, I'm sorry getting a tatto when youre unsure and dont have enough money for it is just silly, what if you dont like it in two weeks, what if the tattooist isnt a good one and messes it up!

I might be getting one done in September, but there is a reason behind it, I do know what I want and my darling in Australia is getting my design intergrated in his upcoming new one. We both love cats, so you can immagine what its going to be

All im saying is that you really should spend some time thinking of what you want! Dont rush it
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What ever you decide I hope that you are happy with it!
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