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that's my boy!

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I'm just cleaning out some picture folders, and found a couple of photos of my blue boy, Nik, who is, as I type, sleeping on my lap. He must be having some great dream because he's making running motions with his legs, and sucking. I just love him to bits!
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awww, sounds cute! I bet he is chasing something in his sleep
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I'll try again....
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I love this picture - he was pretty young, and you can stil see the ghost stripes on his body (they've nearly disappeared now, other than some faint ones on his tail).

He was given the funky collar (at his feet) as a gift, and he HATED it. Would not wear it on any account. We don't mind as he is 100% indoor, and is microchipped and registered. However, the collar has become a cherished toy, carries around with him everywhere, and demands endless games of fetch (I throw, he fetches).
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Another baby shot. He isn't so furry day I looked at him and realised, he looks almost grown up now. I miss the fuzz

I love the classic 'cat sleeping' pose.
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this is his "oh please throw it, pleeeeeease" look, while playing with above-mentioned collar. I'm a mean mummy, I wave it around for ages and ages before throwing it. He gets so excited
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I just wanted to show him off a little bit. Thanks for indulging me!

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What a beautiful kitty, no wonder you want to show him off He really is a lovely cat.
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Awww he is so pretty! I love the pictures, especially of the one where he is sleeping.

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Oh, Nik is such a darling! Isn't it cute when they dream? Popcorn was dreaming the other day and really growling! She must have been having a barney with a dog or something.
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awww, what a cutie! I love his colour, wow!
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That is a seriously beautiful kitty. WHAT an expressive face! Nik is a complete darling.

I have to say I love the first piccie with that looking straight at camera shot.
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What a cutie! I just love looking of pictures of when they are young.
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Awwww.....they are very cute!

How old is he now?? The pic of him sleeping, curled up in a ball is exactly Nakita! And I know exactly what you mean about them growing up to fast. I've only had Nakita for 2 months but she doesn't have the baby fuzz anymore and she is maturing (now 6 months old). Plus, Nakita has grown out of her stripes, except a few on the tail.

Stop growing!!! I want to keep a "little" fur bundle!

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Very CUTE!!!!
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Awwww, he's so handsome! I love the pic of him waiting for you to throw the collar! He looks so alert and thinking "jeez mom PLEASE just throw the darn thing! Don't I look ready to fetch?!?!"
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Oh yes what a darling!! Very beautiful. I too like the first one of him looking right into the camera.

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Gorgeous kitty .
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What a little sweetie pie! He's adorable!
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What a cutie!
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All of you Russian Blue owners have to stop posting pics on orders from my hubby! Every time I see one I want one! You little guy is so sweet! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!
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He is just beautiful!!!
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(bows, graciously accepts bouquet from adoring fans)

Thanks for all your compliments. We're so proud of him, he's just the sweetest boy.

Kassandra, he's just a bit younger than Nakita, he's five months, and we've had him for about 8 weeks. Next month he goes in to be neutered, so after your recent posts, I asked our vet a whole list of questions about anasthetics etc - I know it's different for boys, but I still wanted to know.

If you like russian blues, the cattery we got him from has an excellent web site, with lots of pictures.

Nik's sire is Siblu Rudolph Nureyev, there are a couple of great pictures of him, and I think there's quite a resemblence!

Thanks again!

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I'm glad that my experience with Nakita's spay is educating people to ask questions and not automatically going on the whim of the vet.

I wouldn't want anyone else to have to go through that!

Here's the cattery that Nakita came from:
BluMews Cattery

Her father is the laid back looking guy on the front page named Pushkin Willow. Her mother's name is Karyna Skye.

Love those names!
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Pushkin Willow is so pretty, he looks as if he is smiling!
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I SWEAR I reponded to this! Guess I must not have hit Send Reply

Nik is such a doll baby!!! I'm with Ady - all you Russian Blue owners are making me want one! They are all so cute and so much purrsonality. I love the little fluffy kitty ball pic.
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